108 Best Demoness Names (Female Demon Names) for your Baby Girl

108 Best Demoness Names (Female Demon Names)

If you are searching for some dark names on the internet for your new born, then let me tell you that you are at the right place. Since, to suit your liking, we have specially curated a unique list of dark names for your baby girl.

This well-tailored list of female demon names will tempt you to name your girl child after the strong demonic mythological characters.

Some of them are so rare, that they have been derived from the age-old tales, that our grandmothers used to recite to us. These dark-themed demoness names have been extracted from some of the famous Hindu epics, Russian folktales, Chinese and Japanese mythologies.

So if you are a nocturnal creature who is in love with darkness, and would love to name your little girl after a fierce grey character, then here are the 100 best demoness names for you.

Asian Demoness Names

Asian Demoness Names

Here is a list of female demon names from Asia and Europe. Read out loud:

  • Aswang: It is one of the demoness names which has Filipino origin.
  • Anna Maruthu: It is a female Rakshasa (Demon) from the South Indian state of Kerala in Indian mythology.
  • Agni: This Indian name means “fire”.
  • Ardat Lili: This demoness name has ancient Sumerian origin.
  • Abere: It is a demoness name originated in Melanesia.
  • Al Basty: This Sumerian name means “being guilty.” According to the legends, it is an ancient Sumerian female spirit who is the personification of guilt.
  • Akhkhazu: Akhkhazu is one of the female demon names from Akkadian mythology.
  • Alkonost: It is an evil demon bird with the head of a woman. It has Russian origin.
  • Batibat: It means “nightmare”. This is a vengeful female spirit from the Filipino culture. It has Tagalog origin.
  • Buduh: It is the feminine djinn of love in Islamic connotations. The name has Arabic origin. This can have great use as demoness names.
  • Berberoka: Another female demon from Filipino mythology. It is the name of an evil mythical swamp demon.
  • Churail: Churails are mythical creatures in Indian mythology, which means witch or female demon. It is one of the creepiest female demon names.
  • Chamunda: Chamunda is a Virat Roop (monstrous form) of the Goddess Kali (Shakti) in Hindu mythology.
  • Charmo Vetr: It is a name of a female demon from the mountains of Hindukush in middle Asia.
  • Chesma Iyesi: It is the cat-shaped female demons. It has Turkish origin.
  • Chedipe: Chedipe is a demonic witch and vampire from South Indian mythology.
  • Chordeva: It is another cat-shaped demoness in Indian mythology.
  • Dakini: is the name of a sacred demonic feminine spirit in Hinduism. One can use Sanskrit female demon names like this one.
  • Durukti: This demon has Sanskrit origin and it is from the Indian mythic texts.
  • Daruka: Daruka is a female demon from Indian mythology. It has Sanskrit origin.
  • FutakuchiOnna: It has Japanese origin that means “two mouthed woman”. This demoness takes a woman’s form.
  • Gwisin: It is a Korean evil spirit.
  • Hashihime (Japanese origin) meaning “maiden of the bridge”. This term, used for describing a Japanese demon fueled by envy and jealousy, can also serve as baby names for many.
  • Harionago: This is one of the Japanese female demon names meaning “barbed women”. This name is given to the frightening woman ghoul in Japanese myths.
  • HanakoSan: This is one of the Japanese demoness names meaning ‘flower girl”. This demon haunts school bathrooms in urban legends. Many Japanese use this as baby names.
  • Hannya: This Japanese demon name means “wisdom”. Female demon names like this can also be used as baby names.
  • HoneOnna (Japanese origin) is a Japanese demon whose name means “woman in bones”. A scary option for baby names or even character names.
  • Huli Jing: This Chinese demoness name means “fox spirit”. These creatures can take any form.
  • Jorogumo: This Japanese name means “woman spider” and it is popular in Japanese folklore.
  • Kali: Kali is actually a Hindu goddess, who is the Master of death, time and change. She is also considered to be the Parvati, that is the supreme of all powers, or the ultimate reality. You can use this as baby names.
  • Kumiho: It is one of the Korean demoness names meaning “nine-tailed fox”; they are known to be shapeshifting demonic creatures, who can take any form.
  • KuchisakeOnna: This Japanese female demon name means “slit-mouthed woman”.
  • Kino: Kino is a demon with feminine spirits from Japanese mythology.
  • Krasue: This demonic name has Cambodian origin. It is an evil abomination in the form of a woman.
  • Lamashtu: This name has Mesopotamian origin. It is a woman demon who haunts women and children.
  • Mikaribaba: This is a name of an old one-eyed demon woman in Japanese mythology.
  • Mahishi: This Sanskrit demon name means “buffalo” and refers to a female buffalo demoness from the Indian mythology.
  • Nang: This name has Thai origin. These are forms of the woman spirits Nang Ta-Khien and Nang-Tani, who haunts trees.
  • Nure-Onna: It is one of the popular Japanese demoness names that means “wet woman”. This female demon has a serpent’s body in Japanese folklores.
  • Okiku: This Japanese demoness name means “chrysanthemum”. This evil spirit is popular in Japanese folklores. This is suitable for baby names too.
  • Pretatma: This is an Indian name for “evil spirit”.
  • Pontianak: This Indonesian name means “woman who died in childbirth.” This is a feminine demonic creature who haunts men.
  • Rakshasni: An Indian name that means “demoness”.
  • Rangda: This demon name for girls has Balinese origin that means “widow”. This is also the name of the demon queen of the Leyak tribe in Bali.
  • Sila: This name has Arabic origin. This demoness is one of the most dangerous supernatural creatures in Arabic myths.
  • Shahmaran: This (Persian names means “leader of snakes”. This is perfect for girl demon names.
  • Tarika: This demoness is from Indian text “Ramayana”.
  • Yakshini: is another one of the cool sounding demoness names from Indian mythology. It has Sanskrit origin.

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Female Demon Names From Europe

Female Demon Names From Europe

European demoness names are given below in this list.

  • Aloja: These are water demons that can take the form of women in the folklore of Catalunia in Spain. This can also be used as baby names. This name has Catalan origin.
  • Abyzou: It is one of the female demon names from Jewish and Hebrew mythology. It has Hebrew origin.
  • Angrbroda: It means “sorrow bringer” and it is the name of a female evil giant in Norse myths.
  • Akka: Another demon name with Finnish origin meaning “old dead woman”.
  • Ala: It is the name of a female evil spirit in Eastern Europe.
  • Agrat bat Mahalat: It is a demoness name in Jewish mythology with Hebrew origin.
  • Ajatar: This name means “to pursue”. It is the name of an evil spirit in Finnish folklore with Finnish origin.
  • Askafroa: It means “wife of ash tree”. It has Swedish origin and is a European demonic female spirit.
  • Buschweibchen: It is a name given to an old and wrinkly German demon woman.
  • Banshee: Banshee means “fairy woman”. It has Irish origin. It is a female demon evil spirit.
  • Bean-nighe: Bean-nighe is the name of Scottish female spirits that are omens of death. It has Celtic origin.
  • Bananachs: These are the demon spirits that haunt battlefields in Irish mythology.
  • Blednica: Blednica is a kind of Slavic forest demoness.
  • Borda: Borda is the name of an Italian evil witch.
  • Baobhan Sith: It is a woman demon vampire that appears in Scottish tales. It has Gaelic origin.
  • Cliodhna: She was the demon queen of the Irish banshees. It has Irish origin.
  • Charybdis: It is a female sea demon in Greek mythology with Greek origin.
  • Caoineag: This name means “weeper”, is a crying demoness from Scottish folklore. It has Gaelic origin.
  • Delphyne: It is the name of a demonic serpent in folklores with Greek origin.
  • Daemonium: It is a Latin word for “demon” and can be a great choice as female demon names for girls. It has Latin origin.
  • Dracaena: It is the female dragon that has Greek origin.
  • Dames Blanches:  These are supernatural demonic spirits in French folklores.
  • Draconcopede: This female demon name has Greek origin..
  • Estry: These are feminine demonic vampires Jewish mythology with Hebrew origin.
  • Glaistig: It is a half-women and half-goat evil monster that has Gaelic origin.
  • Gello: Gello is the name of ancient demonesses that possess women. The name has Greek origin.
  • Hulder: Hulder means “secret”. It has Norse origin. It is a demoness who haunts forests.
  • Kikimoro: This is a demon spirit. It has Slavic origin.
  • Kampe: Kampe is the name of a demoness in Grecian mythology with Greek origin.
  • Likhoradka: This name means “endeavor through bad luck”. It has Russian origin.
  • Lamia: Lamia means “radiant”. This is the name of the children hunting demon in Greek mythology. It has Greek origin.
  • Mavka: Mavka is the name of a feminine demonic spirit from Ukraine’s folklore.
  • Mormo: It is an ugly demon woman that has Greek origin.
  • Morgen: These are feminine water spirits who drown men. The name has Welsh origin.
  • Moura: Maura is the name a feminine supernatural spirit in Portuguese myths. It has Moorish origin.
  • Nocnitsa: It is the name of the demonic spirits who haunt nightmares. This name has Slavic origin.
  • Naamah: This Hebrew word means “pleasant”. In Jewish myths, Naamah is a demonic woman. Not that pleasant right?
  • Rusalka: This is the name of demon who has a woman’s shape and hunts men. It also has Slavic origin.
  • Selkolla: This is a supernatural entity from Christian demonology. It has Icelandic origin.
  • Vântoase: It means “spirits of the wind”, is the name of a demoness. It has Romanian origin.

Demoness Names From Other Origins

Demoness Names From Other Origins

Here is a list of Demoness names from other origins:

  • Ammit: Ammit is a funeral Goddess in ancient Egypt mythology.
  • Aicha Kandicha: This is the name of a female demoness from Moroccan mythology.
  • Apotamkin: (Indigenous origin) are female demons from the folklores of Native America.
  • Aosoth: It is a female demon who does the Devil’s work.
  • Aynaet: This name has Ethiopian origin. This demoness has evil stare.
  • Ciguapa: This female demon name is from Dominican folklore.
  • Cegua: It has Nahuatl origin that means “woman”.
  • Cihuateteo: This is one of the demoness names that has Aztec origin. It means “divine woman”.
  • Jengu: This African originated name is the name of the good water demon spirits worshipped by some native tribes in Cameroon.
  • La Sayona: It has South American origin. This demoness comes after men having affairs.
  • La Llorona: It has Hispanic origin. La Llorona is a demon spirit who cries for her drowned children. This is one of the demonic names popularized through movies in such as The Curse of La Llorona.
  • Mazikeen: This name has Hebrew origin that means “harmful spirits”.
  • Pincoya: This is one of the demoness names that has Chilean roots. It is a female water spirit.
  • Patasola: This name has South American origin that means “one foot”. It is the name of female demons in Latin American folklores.
  • Soucriant: It has Hispanic/French origin that means “sucking blood”.
  • Tunda: Tunda is the name of a feminine spirit in Ecuador and Columbia that traps people in forests. It has South American Origin.
  • Tsonokwa: It means “wild woman”. It has Native American roots.
  • Werzelya (African origin) refers to an Ethiopian demon woman who killed and drank her own daughter’s blood. For Demoness names meaning evil, this is an excellent choice for people.
  • Xtabay: This name has Mayan origin that means “woman spirit”. It is one of the unique female demon names.

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