107 Best Names with Dark Meaning (Male & Female)

Names with Dark Meaning

Over the years, people have started taking interest in giving unique names to their babies. These days, parents ponder deeply while naming their baby and even consider names from other cultures too. If they like the sound of it and love the meaning behind it, then they don’t hesitate naming their child after that.

Now parents don’t like to give common names to their children, or names of their favorite actor/actresses, personality or their role model. Because they know, no matter what name you assign to your child. Your child won’t imbibe that person’s qualities rather he will develop his own unique personality.

Therefore, now parents don’t shy away from giving quirky, uncommon and eccentric names with dark meaning that might make others think—- “Why did they give such a dark name to their child?”

But as great English playwright William Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any name would smell as sweet.”

A rose would smell sweet even if was named gutter because, it won’t lose its quality, no matter we call it by.

Therefore, if you are into goth culture or eccentric style and wish to give your children names with a dark meaning. Then here’s a unique list of names with dark meaning that you might like. So check out these unique male female names with dark meaning. We have highlighted our favorite ones for you.

100 Names with Dark Meaning (Male & Female)

Names with Dark Meaning for Girls:

Names with Dark Meaning for Girls
1.AdreannaDark, derivative of Adria, French origin
2.NishaDark night, Hindi name, Indian origin
3.AmayaNight rain, Basque name
4.AdrienneDark lady from the sea, Gothic name
5.AnnabelA combination of the Latin name Anna, meaning grace, and the French word belle, meaning beauty
6.BranwenBeautiful raven
7.AchlysDarkness, Greek origin
8.AlmaDark red lips, Arabic origin
9.BlaqueDark, English origin
10.BrunaDark-haired, German and Italian origin
11.BrangwenDark and pure, Welsh origin
12.BrunhildeDark or noble, German origin
14.BelladonnaA poisonous plant is popular in witch stories
15.BrennaRaven or Black-haired, Gaelic origin
16.AmarisChild of the moon
18.ChandraMoon, Hindi name, Indian origin
19.CharnaDark, Yiddish origin
20.CareyBlack, Gaelic origin
21.CrimsonDeep and bright shade of red
22.Collis Dark-haired, English origin
23.CiaraDerivative of Ciar, which means Dark.
24.ChiaraDark, Irish origin
25.CiardaDark, Gaelic origin
26.CorvinaDark-haired, American origin
27.ChandaMoon, Indian origin
28.DarcyDark one, French origin
29.DarcelDark one, French origin
30.DevinPoet, Gothic roots
31.DrusillaStrange one
32.DevlinLittle dark one, Celtic origin
33.DarcieDark-haired, Irish origin
34.DelaneyDark challenger, Irish origin
35.DevanyDark-haired, Irish origin
36.DesdemonaOne of Shakespeare’s most tragic heroines
37.DunaSwarthy, Irish origin
40.EbonyDark wooded tree, English origin
41.EleenaOne who shines in the darkness, Spanish origin
43.FeroniaGoddess of the forest
44.GethwineDusky one, Welsh origin
45.GarnetDark red gemstone, Irish origin
46.JemishaQueen of darkness, Sanskrit origin
47.HesperiaEvening star
48.KaliGoddess of destruction, Indian origin
49.KeyaraThe dark little one, Celtic origin
50.HamnaDark grape
51.KieraDark-haired, Irish origin
52.KshipaDarkness of the night, Indian origin
53.LeighlaDark-haired Arabic origin
54.MedeaCunning, Greek origin
55.MorrisaDark-skinned, American origin
56.MindyDark or gentle, English origin
57.StregaWitch, Italian origin
58.MorrisaDark one, English origin
59.NarineDark person, Greek origin
60.RisnaDark-haired, Indian origin
61.SierraDark, English origin
62.TamalaDark tree, African origin
63.TynanDark, Irish origin
64.NoxDusk, Latin origin
65.UmbraShadow, Latin origin
66.ZeldaDark battle, German origin

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Names with Dark Meaning for Boys:

Names with Dark Meaning for Boys
67.AabinusDark colored or Ebony
68.AbnusDark wood tree, Arabic origin
69.AdhamDark-complexioned, Indian origin
71.AdreanDark one, Latin origin
72.AdrianoDark one, Latin origin
73.BrunsDark-skinned, English origin
74.CaryDark one or pure, Gaelic origin
75.CronanDark one, Irish origin
76.DadeDark one or exploited, Latin origin
77.DarayDark, American origin, Unisex name
78.DarganDark-haired, Irish origin
79.DevlinThe unlucky or dark one, Irish origin
80.DelanoA dark being
81.DonnerDark Warrior, one who is strong as thunder
82.DoogieDark water
83.DorjanA loving dark man
84.DougalDark stranger, Irish origin
85.DuncanAark warrior, Gaelic origin
86.DwadeDark traveler, English origin
87.ErebusDarkness, Greek origin
88.GethinDark-skinned, Welsh origin
89.HelmerWarrior’s wrath, German origin
90.HeolstorDarkness, English origin
92.HarkenDark red, Irish origin
94.Jai deepThe Light’s victory over darkness, Indian origin
95.KekGod of darkness, Egyptian origin
96.KuragariDarkness, Japanese origin
97.KaananDark Forest,
A childhood name of Hindu God Krishna for his love for forests
98.KanhaAnother name of Hindu God Krishna
99.KavalBlack-toned, Indian origin
100.MauryDark-skinned, Latin origin
101.MorreyDark-skinned, English origin
102.OrpheusDarkness of the night, Greek origin
103.PerranDark little one, Cornish origin
104.TamalA tree with a very dark bark
105.TamasDarkness, Indian origin
106.TroryA dark skinned person
107.TamesisOne who is dark, English origin, Unisex name

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