15 Important Lessons we can Learn from Children

15 Important Lessons we can learn from children

There’s a famous quote by Dr. Seuss that goes by, “Adults are just outdated children” and it is true in every respect. Though we have grown up and life’s a bit dramatic now. Sometimes it treats us well and the other time, it is not so generous. But there are a few things that still give us immense happiness.

One among which is talking to kids because they have solution for every problem. I guess you all will agree with me that the more we talk to kids, the more we learn from them.

The time, you spent with kids is like an investment as they come up with the most innocent answers, which can satisfy every question. If you too agree with this, then here are a few notes to be taken from kids. So let’s check out 15 important lessons we can learn from children.

15 Important Lessons we can Learn from Children

Important Lessons we can learn from Children

1. To Chase our Curiosity:

You can learn so much from kids because they are always curious to know new things. Eager to learn and feed their brains with the fruit of knowledge. One can satisfy an adult with an answer but children– Umh! Naah.

Children are like little question banks, who come up with queries every now and then. And the process of quenching their curiosity with apt answers, you too can learn about things that you didn’t know earlier.

You must have come across that one kid, who pops a question in the midst of a movie, reading session, park, theatre or even when you are trying to sleep.

To be honest, I was that curious kid and it was one hell of an experience for my family. So when I used to bombard them with questions, they used to shush me. Now I empathize with such kids because all they want is to learn.

It’ll be a blessing if you allow your children to chase their curiosity, as it enhances their learning. Help them as it’s a two way learning process, by helping them you will learn new things. This is one of the important lessons we can learn from children.

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2. To love People for their Nature and Not for their Looks:

Children can look beyond beauty. They love people for who they are, and not for how pretty they are. On the contrary, we adults tend to be extra kind and sweet towards those, who are beautiful without caring how mean and awful their nature is.

This is why most people end up in toxic relationships. Because they were so blinded by their beauty that they ignored their toxic nature. Which eventually caused turbulence in their relationship. Therefore, loving people for their nature and not for their beauty is one of the important lessons we can learn from children.

Remember if you have been kind to a child, he will always remember you all his life. And you will be the most beautiful person in his eyes.

3. To love Unconditionally without being Judgmental:

One of the important lessons we can learn from children is to love unconditionally without being judgmental. Because kids are pure souls, they don’t hold prejudices like adults. Nor do they judge you or stereotype you based on your race and skin color.

It doesn’t matter to them how you look like, what your race is and how much money you make. If you are kind and loving towards them, they won’t judge you and will shower all their love on you.

“Children need at least one person in their life that thinks the sun rises and sets on them, who delights in their existence, and loves them unconditionally.” – Pamela Leo

If you treat a child nicely, he will probably think of you love even when he gets older. Because life becomes pretty rough, when we grow up. The only good memories that remain with us are of our childhood days, especially the glorious days spent with our loved ones.

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4. The Art of Observing can be Learnt from Kids:

Children are great at observing people and environment. They are highly observant and can easily sense emotions but they won’t necessarily speak.

Most of the times, children know when their parents are stressed because of their relationship issues, or depressed due to their poor financial condition.

Therefore, they try to silently support them instead of demanding attention. They even suppress their wants and basic needs. Since they don’t want to trouble their parents, who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Through their sense of observation, they help their parents in dealing with major issues and improving the family dynamics.

This is one of the major lessons we can learn from children. As it will improve the quality of life and relationships, we will form throughout our life.

4. To Run our Imagination Wild:

There is an infinite space that exists solely in our head. It is in our hands to utilize the power of our brain and some kids marvel this art by reading books, imagining stuff and etching stories. At the tender age 6 or 7, some kids become great playwrights, actors, orators and directors, who don’t shy from displaying their skills.

Just sit silently and watch them play, and you’ll be surprised to see— how beautifully kids try to capture vivid emotions in their self-created skits and family dramas.

They create hysterical characters to make us laugh and try to invent new stuff with waste material. Children just can’t stay still for a moment and keep themselves busy by trying new things. So don’t limit your imagination and take it as one of the major lessons we can learn from children.

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5. To Live like there’s No Tomorrow:

Important Lessons we can learn from Children: To Live like there's No Tomorrow

Children live in the present moment and their thoughts don’t stray afar like adults. Because they aren’t influenced by others nor do they hold any biases. Whenever I talk to kids, it feels therapeutic because children are always positive and hopeful about the future. Which eventually motivates you to be optimistic about your future.

Children are wise beyond years, they view things as they are and don’t over analyze it. On the contrary, we adults tend to overthink about every little thing. Hence, in the process of caring about other’s opinions. We forget that we were supposed to be living rather than acting like puppets.

Therefore, if you want to live like there’s no tomorrow, you must learn from children how to live in the present. This is one of the golden lessons to learn from children, which is the secret sauce to a happy and fulfilled life.

6. To Think Out of the Box:

The brain of a child is young and fresh than that of an adult. Therefore, sometimes, they surprise us by giving suggestions and helping us to find solutions to the problems, that we couldn’t.

They are passionate about trying new things, and are creative with their approach, which helps them to think out of the box. They don’t fear about the outcome and whether they win or lose. They simply put their best foot forward and do what their heart tells them to do.

This serves as an inspiration for many adults, who fear thinking out of the box. So, note this as one of the important lessons we can learn from children.

7. To Never stop Believing in Magic:

One of the saddest things about growing up is that we stop believing in magic. We aren’t optimistic about new changes in life. Due to which, most of the times, we feel down in the dumps because we believe our situation will never change.

On the other hand, whenever anything positive unexpectedly happens with children. They always consider it as a miracle that’s why they are able to attract more magical moments in life.

“Children see magic because they look for it.”  — Christopher Moore, writer

Whereas, we adults make fun of those who believe in miracles, and chide away all the plans universe conjures for us. Take notes as this one of the life saving lessons we can learn from children.

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8. To Trust Your Dreams:

Learn from Children To Trust your Dreams

Children have big dreams in their eyes, which we adults might consider as unrealistic and unattainable. However, what others feel or think doesn’t matter to them.

As they believe they can do anything, and they don’t view things as difficult or not doable. Even if their parents discourage them and tell them, that they won’t be able to do it. They still go out of their way to tell their parents that they can, and achieve their dreams to prove their parents, that they were wrong.

I personally feel this is one of the best lessons we can learn from children. So be childlike, think positive and never stop believing in your dreams.

10. To be Confident and Quick in making Decisions:

Children are highly intuitive. They take decisions based on their gut instincts without fearing the outcome. Which eventually turns out to be in their favor.

However, when we grow up, we start losing faith in ourselves. We feel less confident about our decisions and can be influenced easily by others. Because we fear what if something goes wrong and sometimes, we overthink and actually miss the opportunity, for which we were waiting for so long.

So take note of one of these life saving lessons we can learn from children. Because being decisive will save you from wasting your time in overthinking about every small or big decision.

11. To be Honest about What we Say and Feel:

Children are highly expressive, they say what they feel and don’t manipulate their feelings. This is the reason why, they are happier than adults because they stay true to their feelings.

If they like you, they will express their fondness for you instead of hiding it. If they don’t, then they won’t keep double standards with you, by pretending to be your friend on your face, and foe behind your back.

On the contrary, adults are always confused about their feelings. Therefore, they slip into relationships and get out of them easily without considering their feelings. So if you don’t want chaos in your life, then follow one of these important lessons we can learn from children.

12. To Forgive easily:

Children don’t hold negative emotions for long. If someone has been bitter towards them or have wronged them. They might get upset about it for a short period of time, but will soon make up with that person.

Because they stay in the present and don’t examine a situation or judge a person based on how they are now. Therefore, they don’t exploit their emotions or waste their time in planning, plotting and seeking vengeance.

Whereas, adults stay in that negative space until they don’t get over it. Sometimes it takes weeks, months and even years to bounce back. So forgive people like children do. Because the weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. This is one of the biggest lessons we can learn from children.

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13. Not to Shy from Trying New Things:

Children are Not Shy from Trying New Things

Children are little scientists, who are always eager to observe and accumulate new information from their environment. Due to their inquisitive nature, they always have questions in their mind and are searching for their answers. Since, they like to explore new interests, develop hobbies and love discovering new things.

Therefore, they don’t shy away from trying new things, activities and learning new skills. Unlike us, they don’t hold strong opinions about their likes, dislikes, comfort zone and have no qualms about something. This is one of the lessons that we can learn from children, as it will helps us to learn more and to figure out things well.

14. To be Super Active:

One of the greatest qualities of children is that they are super active and aren’t couch potatoes like us adults. Even if they are inside the room, they hover around, invent new games to play and keep themselves busy as well as physically active by doing so.

This is why they digest food easily and feel energized all day long. If you want some inspiration for shedding those extra kilos off your waist, then this is one of the lessons we can learn from children to be fit and fine.

15. To be Contented with Themselves:

Unlike adults, children aren’t dissatisfied with themselves. They don’t compare themselves with others and sulk about why they aren’t like them. Since they are highly contented with themselves. They don’t cater much to their self and stay inside their mind rather, they experience the world around them and cherish every moment.

So if you want to be as happy as a child then, this is one of the most important lessons we can learn from children.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste!

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