9 Reasons why Kids need Grandparents Love in their Life

Reasons why Kids need Grandparents Love in their Life

I once read a quote, “Growing old is liberty denied to many”. This means, that some of us may not live to see more than twenty summers in life and would leave the earth too soon. And a few will see more than eighty autumns in life and will still be a child at heart. So today, we’ll be learning about— the 9 Biggest Reasons Why Kids need Grandparents Love in their Life.

As a child, I used to love spending time with my grandma, who spoke a different dialect. And I a different one. So there was a little communication gap. But I could understand everything she used to say and then copy her. This would make her crackle a smile and sometimes pick up a stick and run like P.T. Usha to whip me.

Recalling this, still makes me smile. Though, I was little, I understood how lovely elderly people are and how different they are from our parents and young people. So here are- 9 reasons to bond with Elderly people.

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9 Reasons why Kids need Grandparents Love in their Life

1. Grandparents have a deeper outlook of Life

Spending time with my grandparents taught me that they are quite different. A little soberer, lovelier, kind and compassionate than our parents. Why? As they weren’t young, and youth demands people to run around the clock, to work like a mule, so they have little time in hand.

Many become frustrated with their lives, that they incur the wrath on their children. They verbally, emotionally and physically abuse them. And when that’s happening, grandparents come as saviors to help the victim– the little child.

They just don’t save them from the beating or emotional abuse. But they save their core from becoming weak. Because kids who see tension and drama between their parents and are victims of child abuse. They grow up with low self-esteem, they find it difficult to take decisions on their own and to trust people, when they grow up.

Many face mental health issues, struggle from social anxiety and hyper tension and they usually like to keep their problems to themselves. Because they don’t trust anybody but themselves. Though they cannot save a child every time, but that one night can mean a lot to a little scared child, who doesn’t want to sleep when it’s hurting inside.

2. They sing lullabies and teach us to dream

When night grows and we feel cold. Our grandparents wrap us in their arms, sing lullabies to comfort us. They hum for us so we can dream.

The first few years of life are crucial for a child’s development and for his mental health. Good sleep and care can result in the healthy mental and physical development of a child. So the little one wakes up with vigor and a sunshine smile, the next day.

As they say, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise. Grandparents know, they have had their share of life and in that life, some dreams of theirs remained unfulfilled.

The reasons could vary, as they might have to work at an early age and fend for themselves and their family. Than thinking or even daring to dream. But they, always boost the morale of their grandchildren to dream. So the dreamer in them, doesn’t fades away like a season and they don’t regret living their dream, when they are old.

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3. They read stories and give wings to our imagination

The bedtime stories recited to us by our grandparents are forever cherished by us. They teach us the art of storytelling and story weaving. I remember as a kid, I used to demand my granddad to recite to me the story of a rabbit, a squirrel, of birds and sometimes a potato (because I loved having them).

He at once, would weave a beautiful tale for me, which had a hidden message in the end. Like a teacher, he used to ask, “What did you understand from this?” Which was a healthy exercise for the brain. It helped us to construct our own knowledge, imagine new things and to give birth to the new characters, which eventually helped us in writing amazing essays and stories in school.

4. Grandparents teach us what kindness and compassion are

Grandparents teach us what kindness and compassion are

Every child needs the love if grandparents because their love is pure and unparalleled. They not only nurture us but they equip us with essential human virtues, that make us a good human being.

They make us realize the importance of being kind, compassionate and have empathy for all, which makes a river of joy flow in our heart. This is why we need grandparents love in our lives.

5. They teach why struggle is important in life

Our grandparents are a living and walking library for us, as they have answers to all our questions. They know, what we want and how we are feeling at the moment. They are so experienced, that they can easily tell by looking at your face, that we are in trouble.

You can lament about a million things, and they will always charge you up by saying, that sometimes challenges can be good for you. This is why grandparents love is the sweetest of all.

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6. They teach us how to live simply

Our grandparents lived in an era, when things weren’t on the go. They lived a simple life in the lap of nature, grew their own food, quenched their thirst from the pristine water of the gurgling river and climbed on the pine trees for fun.

There was no Instagram, FB, no virtual meets yet they enjoyed their life to the fullest, without posting the tit-bits anywhere. Being with them makes us realize the true essence of human life is to savor moments and not to have a pomp and show of fake happiness.

7. Grandparents love makes us feel loved and cared for

They say love has an expiry date especially the love that brews with romance. However, the love of grandparents doesn’t get stale, doesn’t change and it continues to grow with their age. That’s why grandparents love remains special for us.

No matter how old you get but they will always envision, you as their little cub. Will still call you by your nick name, will pour abundant love on you and will treat you with your favorite meal.

8. They tell us about our roots

It’s very important for us to know about our roots, which tells us from where we have come from. As it helps us to stay humble and attached to our culture and heritage. So we can continue to take forward our legacy.

Only grandparents take this responsibility with great pride. As they feel, it’s their responsibility to impart us with the necessary knowledge about our history and culture, and from where do we belong to.

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9. Teach us to stay humble and grounded in life

From our grandparents, we learn how to be humble, polite and be empathic to all. They impart good values to us and teach us to be kind. From them we get to know the importance of love, care, family and social bond. Therefore, we need grandparents love in our lives.

Let thy spirit be high in love, Namaste!