The Power of Walking Away from Someone you Love

The Power of Walking away from Someone you Love

Walking away from a relationship in which you’ve done your best, to mitigate the issues to revive the lost connection can be extremely painful to do.

As your mind doesn’t want to accept that now your relationship has come to a full circle, and it isn’t working between you two anymore. Because you and your partner have different aspirations from life, in which you aren’t welcomed with open arms.

Realizing that your relationship is dying can be a traumatic experience for many. As you have invested your time in building it bit by bit. While showing your beloved the parts of you, which you didn’t have the courage to share with anybody else.

When the reality dawns upon you, it crushes your soul and makes you feel vulnerable again. You start wondering— Where did it went wrong, Was it my fault and What should have I done to save this relationship.

You keep trying and trying but fail every time like Sisyphus, who kept rolling the stone up the hill, but it tumbled down every time.

The love that you once had in your heart and the warmth of it persuades you to fight for the one you dearly love. Upon realizing that the other person doesn’t wish to save it, and have already given up on you. Makes you think walking away from someone you love would be a wise decision.

Why sometimes it’s Wise enough to Walk away from a Relationship:

When you love someone with all your heart, you start picturing your future with them. You include them in every important event of your life, and make sure that they feel respected while being in the union.

You keep them in your thoughts and allow them have a room in your heart, which they happily accept. However, as all relationships have their own pits and falls, you must be ready to fight the challenges.

But if the challenges and situations have worsened so much, that they have poisoned your relationship. And the issues are irreconcilable then it’s better to walk away from it.

Since staying there would only lead to fights, cause toxic emotions to arise, and the love which once blossomed between you two would only turn into bad memories. Therefore, walking away from someone you love would be a decision, that you will feel proud of in future.

The Power of Walking Away from Someone you Love

1. Give time to Yourself to Accept the Situation:

When you have envisioned your life with someone and have knitted dreams of having a perfect life together. It is very difficult to get to terms with the fact, that it isn’t working between you two anymore.

As your relationship has come to a point that no amount of love and support can save it from sinking. Therefore, your partner wants to leave before it turns into a toxic relationship.

Although it’s tough to accept that your partner doesn’t want to stay any longer, but you must understand that it’s only for your betterment. Since you can’t hope for a better future with your partner, when the present is no less than a nightmare.

So give time to yourself because you’ll have a meltdown of emotions. You’ll fight with your thoughts, will question yourself~ “What happened and Where did the love go?”

You will cry and make numerous attempts to call but will never dial the number. Since you know, you cannot undo certain things in life. It will take time but eventually, you will heal and accept the situation.

The power of walking away from someone you love will give you reasons to love yourself, to think about yourself, and make better choices in the future.

walking away from someone you love

2. Understand that your Paths are Different:

If your partner feels that your relationship has turned into an obstacle in achieving academic and career milestones. Which has caused tremors in your relationship as your partner constantly nags and blames you for his underachievement.

Thereby, affecting your mental health because you are constantly being subjected to passive aggressive behavior from your partner. Then you need to understand that there’s no hope left in your relationship. As the one, you are deeply in love with sees you as a boulder in his path.

If you are still holding onto the relationship, begging him to stay, then you need to understand that your paths are divergent. As they no longer lead to the same destination.

So instead of coaxing him to stick to the same path or hopelessly following his path. Then you need to think about yourself and the dreams you compromised for securing your relationship. As it will give you the power of walking away from someone you love, who makes you feel no less than a stranger.

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3. Accept that the One you Love doesn’t Want to make it Work:

When you have already noticed the signs that suggest, your partner is disinterested in carrying forward the relationship. Makes little to no efforts in resolving issues, gets cranky when you try to express your feelings for him or share how your day went. Then instead of stretching it, walking away from someone you love would be the best thing you can do.

Because the more you will share yourself with him, the more you will expect from him. You’ll wish that he would change the way he responds to you to make you feel better, which will only hurt you.

Since he doesn’t want to make it work. If you accept this bitter truth and move on it will be good for your overall wellbeing.

Accept that the One you Love doesn't Want to make it Work

4. Acknowledge that your Partner was Honest about it from the Start:

Every relationship has a different dynamic. Some couples are more vocal about their expectations from their relationship~ whether they are seeing their future together. While others shy away from discussing their future plans. They feel hesitant to tell their partner, whether they are considering them for marriage or not.

But if your partner has always been honest about his future plans, and doesn’t think of marrying or settling down any sooner in life. Then you shouldn’t manipulate yourself into believing, that you can change her mind.

Since, having your feelings and future plans repeatedly dismissed by her will only hurt you to the point, that you might lose faith in relationships.

If you cherish the bond you created with your partner and acknowledge the fact, that she was honest about her future plans. Then it will help you to think rationally.

You will understand that it’s time to stop running in circles, as she has different plans and aspirations. Which will give you the strength of walking away from someone you love, who isn’t the one for you.

5. Be wise Enough to Walk away Before your Love turns into Madness:

Walking away from someone you love is difficult but sometimes, it’s for the best. Especially, when your partner doesn’t value you and only loves you when it’s convenient. While you are still deeply and madly in love with her like it’s the first time.

No matter, how much love you shower on her, but she keeps tossing it around like rubbish. Being disrespected not once, twice but every time by the one you love creates conflict in the mind. It makes you want to leave but you can’t, because your partner keeps playing push and pull games with you.

When you see these signs, it’s better to walk away. Because you’ll lose your sanity after some time, and will regret why you chose to stay in this cold mess.

6. Applaud yourself for not Forcing someone to Stay or Stretching it Further:

When two people form a union, it casts a love spell which makes it difficult to leave even when your relationship is on the brink of fall. Since there’s so much love and feelings involved between you two.

It makes it harder to look past beyond those lovey-dovey feelings. For a brief amount of time, you forget all the issues that are causing tension in your relationship.

However, one fails to ignore these signs in the long run. One ponders and think~ for how long we will be able to stretch this love, when our relationship is hanging by a loose thread.

Sooner or later, you realise that you cannot sustain this relationship all by yourself. As the other person has already given up on you. While, you were busy making efforts for them.

You learn that when there’s true love involved, there’s a desire to make it work despite all the challenges. But when only one person is fighting for love, you understand that walking away from someone you love is better than stretching it further.

As your significant other is already out of breath and doesn’t wish to continue further. So applaud yourself for understanding this and choosing to walk away from someone you love without forcing them to stay.

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7. Know that it’s Better to leave with Love than to be in a Suffocating Loveless Relationship:

Couples generally disconnect from each other, when they learn that their partner isn’t sure about the relationship and has severe trust issues. This is why, they hold back from pouring love on you like you do.

As your partner is sceptic about you and has insecurities that do not seem to go away. Even when you are constantly trying your best to make her believe that you are committed to her and wouldn’t leave her ever.

Therefore, you feel empty inside and constantly confused whether the person you love is on the same page as you. As she never expresses love, is confused and holds negative thoughts about the future and relationship. Which makes it difficult for her to love wholeheartedly without holding any prejudices.

On the other hand, you feel exhausted of loving one sidedly and making rigorous efforts to make her feel secure to win her trust.

This kind of hot and cold treatment in love makes you feel exhausted and you feel terribly alone sometimes. Because you feel all alone while being in a relationship with the one you love.

Therefore, you feel it in your gut that walking away from someone you love is good, if the person you love has no faith in you. And you feel like they are doing some sort of charity by sprinkling little love on you from time to time.

8. It’s all about Acceptance if Someone hasn’t Accepted your Love, they can’t Cherish it either:

The hardest thing to discover in a relationship is when you learn, that your partner has severe issues in accepting the way you are.

He doesn’t love you for who you are and constantly bicker about things, he wish he could change about you. He has a problem in accepting your nature, your individuality and the way you express yourself.

If you are feeling insecure all the time and are anxious that just expressing yourself would piss that person off and will make him hate you.

Then it isn’t love it’s domination, where your partner is controlling your thoughts, emotions, and behavior in the most toxic way, causing intense emotional harm. Hence, he gets irritated every time and makes fuzz about every little thing you do.

This kind of unacceptance generally starts with something small and if one tries to follow, the more criticisms and demands sweep in. While you are busy making your partner happy.

You notice that you are losing yourself along the way and do not realize it. Until you learn that your partner is still unsatisfied with the change.

Which causes tension and invites unnecessary drama in your life. You soon learn that walking away from someone you love might be difficult to do but it’s the best choice.

9. If your Partner has Never made any Efforts they Probably won’t in Future:

It takes two to strike a balance in a relationship which helps in keeping the relationship afloat. If your partner doesn’t cooperates with you and makes no effort to keep it going, then its a red flag. Since all the weight of the relationship is on your shoulders.

Therefore, you eventually make up your mind that walking away from someone you love is not something you should feel guilty about. Since, you have done your best and were always running in circles just to win her love, attention and affection.

So if you notice that your partner keeps making excuses and lets you risk everything without getting himself into trouble.

Doesn’t take any step forward, ignores the relationship problems, that are arising because of it and keeps you waiting. Without thinking that you are hurting in this process, then walking away from someone you love is the right thing to do.

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10. Be the Mature one and Let them Find the Perfection they are Striving for:

Be the Mature one and Let them Find the Perfection they are Striving for

Some people are quite demanding when it comes to relationship. They want everything to be perfect. Hence, they expect ideal behavior from their partner.

They keep taunting them, as they want their partner to exhibit ideal behavior all the time. Hence, they wish their partner wouldn’t make any mistake and be fair and just all the time. Which causes negative emotions to arise as their is dissatisfaction on both the sides.

As they say -“A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.”

When you realize your partner has high expectations from you while you have none and he is a hard-core perfectionist who wants you to be the epitome of perfection.

When you are wishing for a wholesome relationship, where you can be completely yourself. But he doesn’t like that then its better to walk away from someone you love, as he isn’t worth it.

11. Don’t Stay like a Doormat to be Disrespected every Time:

A part of disconnecting is recognizing the difference between being desired and being valued. When a person desires you, he can’t see your pain. He only focusses on what he can get from you with minimal effort in return. He lets you risk everything, while he guards his heart and reap the benefits of your feelings.

When his desire ends, he starts ignoring you and your needs. Whereas, when a person values you, he cherishes you and never disrespects you.

If you feel like you are the punching bag in your relationship and your partner doesn’t values you, nor does he care about what you are going through. Then it’s better to walk away from someone you love, as he doesn’t share the same love with you.

If someone is not willing to change then no need to take the entire weight of the relationship on your shoulders. Just maintain your dignity and say goodbye.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

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