Mental Health: 5 Easy Ways to Burn Stress in the Comfort of your Room

Mental Health: 5 Easy Ways to Burn Stress in the Comfort of your Room:

We deal with stress on a daily basis and each one of us has different stressors. Like some of us have problems dealing with people at the workplace, while others may be bothered about the questions pertaining to human existence. On the other hand, people like me who are always churning their thought mill, have their own kind of stressors.

At times, it grows so much that it eventually leads to severe headache, making us feel nauseous. Then boom! it explodes, causing little baby stressors to multiply inside and cause havoc.

Many people when they are under stress often act out of anger or feel irritable and anxious. While some, like us, curl in our bed and try to sleep but often fail to do so.

Stress in little doses gives us a gently push to perform better. It is chronic stress that disrupts nearly every system in our body. Here’s what excessive stress on a regular basis can do to you:

  • It suppresses our immune system, our digestive and reproductive system,
  • Increases the risk of heart attack and stroke,
  • Stress also speeds up the ageing process.
  • It can even rewire the brain, leaving you more vulnerable to anxiety,
  • Chronic stress can also lead to depression and other mental health problems.

To help you from slipping into the pit of chronic stress. Here are my 5 most favourite stress bursting activities, that have worked for me. I have many more to add. But first, try these out and hope it works for you as well. So quickly have a look at the– 5 Easy Ways to Burn Stress in the Comfort of your Room:

1. Burn Stress: Watch Bunny Videos On YouTube:

Who doesn’t love bunnies? I think everybody does, why wouldn’t they? As they are fluffy, cute and adorable. Watching these little goofballs, flopping their ears and binking around can relieve anybody’s stress.

I can assure you, once you start watching them, it’ll give you instant relief. No matter how bad the day went, slowly and steadily. It’ll warm your heart, persuading anxiety to leave your blanket.

Apart from this, it will also make you a little sensitive and kind towards all life forms. Just by thinking how fragile and beautiful all creatures are. It surely does to me. Hence, I enjoy watching cute animal videos online. Because it brings a big smile on my face.

2. Try ASMR videos (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response):

ASMR videos are all over YouTube these days. The term ASMR is used to describe– the mildly euphoric experience of being stimulated by certain visual or auditory stimuli called triggers. A trigger is a tingling sensation that begins in the head and works down the body.

What are ASMR videos and how do they work?

There are over 13 million ASMR videos uploaded on YouTube, which means there is a broad category of ASMR videos to choose from. Which varies from recording the sound of a squeaky rabbit devouring a juicy strawberry to the videos of leaves crushing, and paper crumbling.

Not just this but some ASMR videos are focussed on the movement of hands, which many people find satisfactory. While others on light– as visual stimuli.

Websites that publish ASMR content have testimonials from thousands of people having stress, anxiety, and depression. Claiming that they derive a relaxing, static-like feeling from a specific stimulus, that has a calming effect on their minds.

What research claims about ASMR videos:

New research conducted by Dr. Giulia Poerio of the University of Sheffield’s Department of Psychology suggests, watching ASMR videos improves overall health and well being.

An in-depth study by Dr. Poerio revealed– those who experience the phenomenon or the sensation felt from ASMR, showed a significant reduction in their heart rate on watching ASMR videos. An average decrease of 3.14 beats per minute, as compared to those who do not feel the sensation.

The study also brings into notice– those who experience ASMR had a significant increase in positive emotions, including relaxation and feelings of social connection.

Dr. Poerio said: “Our studies show that ASMR videos do indeed have the relaxing effect anecdotally reported by experiencers. But only in people who experience the feeling.

This was reflected in ASMR participant’s self-reported feelings and objective reductions in their heart rates, compared to non-ASMR participants.

What’s interesting is that– the average reductions in heart rate experienced by our ASMR participants, were comparable to other research findings. On the physiological effects of stress-reduction techniques, such as music and mindfulness. ”

3. Listen or Hum Ancient chants and Mantras for Peace:

By far, this is one of the best and easiest ways to relieve stress and tension from the mind. I never knew how relaxing ancient chants and mantras can be.

Although I heard many elderly people talk about the positive vibes, they get from chanting mantras. Which further helps them to strengthen their spiritual reflexes.

However, I accidentally stumbled onto it while exploring different genres of music. Initially, I started listening to Shiva Stotram then gradually covered other genres of spiritual music.

Including Sufi music, Buddhist chants, Carnatic music and even revised some old Christian hymns, that we sang in school.

Soon I found out that listening to spiritual music, Sanskrit chants, Mantras of different genres and philosophy can be a therapeutic experience.

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Burn Stress: Benefits of listening or chanting Mantras and Shlokas:

When the Sanskrit shlokas are coupled with the melodious sound of the traditional instruments like flute, sitar, veena, tabla, and ghunghroo. It makes it a peaceful rendition:

  • You can feel the sound waves, gently massaging your mind, relaxing it to calm down.
  • Even better if you work on your breathing while listening to it.
  • Listening to spiritual music elevates the mood, kicks out stress and tension from your mind.
  • It makes the body and mind feel energised.
  • Be in the moment when you listen to it, then you’ll be ready to take over the day with new vigour.

If you don’t know which one to choose. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Shiva Tandava Stotram (a Sanskrit hymn elucidating the beauty and power of Shiva),
  • Mahishasura Mardini Stotram: Agiri Nandani (Sanskrit hymn dedicated to Goddess Durga),
  • Om Mani Padme Hum (ancient Buddhist Chant)

If you are an inquisitive soul and want to know their meaning. You can get the translation of these hymns in your native language by checking it online.

The best part is you can listen to it anytime. Be it morning, evening or night. I often get charged up by hearing it. You can try it too. ☮️

4. Laughter Therapy:

Sometimes all we want to do is to roll on the sofa and tackle the stress. But does it work like this? Can we laze around and relieve stress. Why not? Just surf some comedy videos online, watch your favourite stand up comedians talking about modern-day problems in a comical way.

It’ll make you feel connected to them. And you’ll laugh your stress off by thinking, “Well, we are suffering in immeasurable ways. Should we make it a grave issue or should we rather learn to deal with it by managing our Ying and Yang?”

If you are planning to join one of those morning laughter therapy groups, where people laugh out loud on absolutely nothing.

I would rather suggest you to find a stimulation like watching comedy shows, videos and movies. It will help you to smile from within without faking it and since our brain has the capacity to remember things.

It will recall that particular moment or joke, which you found cracking and by recalling it, you’ll giggle from within.

I can recall how many times, I laughed and giggled reminiscing beautiful moments, thinking about a loved one or the activity of my lovely pet. Such moments are to live for, cherish them and feel them.

What science says about laughter therapy: 

  • Medical professionals believe that laughter is beneficial to patients, as it is an effective way to reduce and burn stress and anxiety.
  • Laughter strengthens the immune system since by laughing it out, you are able to manage your emotions and to maintain your cool in stressful situations.
  • It also helps to soothe the old wounds by making peace with the hurt and pain of the past.
  • In some cases, laughter works as an invisible potent, especially on patients dealing with chronic pain and serious illness.
  • Laughter also offers a full-scale workout for your muscles and releases a rush of stress-busting endorphins.
  • Many corporate offices use it to make their employees happier and more committed, while improving their interpersonal skills.

5. Jot it Down:

Writing can be a great mental exercise, to begin with, especially when you are in distress. This is how you can try writing therapy to relieve or burn stress and tension from your mind:

  • Write about how you feel at the moment.
  • Allow the stress or pain to flow through your mind by transforming it into thoughts and bleed it on a paper.
  • Once you are done with writing, read it. It’ll make you feel better. Since it’ll give your words, a voice, a reader and also a listener.
  • The plus point is, your secrets will remain secret forever. Because the observer and the observed are both the same, in this case.

In one study that followed recently fired engineers, the researchers found that those engineers who consistently engaged with expressive writing were able to find another job faster. Says Adam Grant:

“The engineers who wrote down their thoughts and feelings about losing their jobs reported feeling less anger and hostility toward their former employer. They also reported drinking less.

Eight months later, less than 19% of the engineers in the control groups were reemployed full-time, compared with more than 52% of the engineers in the expressive writing group.

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Hope this helps!

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste