Dealing with Haters: 13 Ways to stay Strong when dealing with Hate & Negativity

When dealing with haters, hate and negativity, remember that you can always get out of it. There are ways out there to guide you towards the light. Train your mind to stay calm in every situation and you’ll eventually have a release.

“Remember that life isn’t always glitter, ponies and ice-cream”

Not everything you get is a reaction to your action. Life can be unfair sometimes but you need to stay strong to deal with the pain. The one who swims through the chaos and survives makes it through the life. So keep reminding yourself that no amount of negativity can break you down unless you surrender to it.

1. You can Overshadow the Hate and Negativity thrown at you by Loving Yourself:

As quoted by Martin Luther King Jr.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that”.

This explains why love is the most powerful weapon known to the mankind. Instead of wasting your time thinking about the hurtful things and comments that you’ve dealt with, try to invest that time and energy in loving and understanding yourself.

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2. Dealing with Haters: Become Mindful and adopt Meditative and Somatic approaches in Life:

Start practicing Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation and Pilates to block the negative vibes. These techniques of mindfulness incorporate physical and mental exercises that will make you mentally strong.

Try to incorporate them into your daily life and you’ll start noticing a difference. Meditation and deep breathing are a great option, to begin with. It will reduce the stress and tension from the mind, balance the chakras and will make your mind still.

3. Burn the Bridges that aren’t Meant to be Climbed:

Being in a toxic relationship, having a negative work environment and bad company will take you nowhere in life. Those battling with their own ego can’t help others in their growth.

A positive attitude is all it takes to survive the storm. Let go off all the things, people and choices that are hindering your growth as a person. Believe it or not, you can do so much better without them.

At first, it may be hard for you to accept the change but you need to take a step forward to live the life you want.

4. Emerge Stronger when Love isn’t being Served on your Table:

Many people feel guilty to even think about separating from their significant other. But if someone has been unkind, ungrateful and demeaning to you then letting them go is the only option.

Remember that true love is never abusive. A mistake done twice is not a mistake but a choice. The person who truly loves you will never want to destroy you; they will only want your heart to bloom. So if someone is not willing to change then don’t hold yourself back just move on.

Once you get out of the negative household and abuse and start living a respectful life, you’ll never regret the decision that you made for your life.

5. A caged Bird thinks Flying is an Illness but you are Born to Run in the Wild:

Never allow anybody to disturb your peace. Run, fly or crawl do whatever it takes to restore your mental peace.

If you are stuck to a mediocre job with negative work ethics, that don’t get along with your moral values. Then the best thing would be to switch to another job. Don’t let the negativity seep inside and play tricks on your mind. If your job demands your mental peace then it isn’t worth keeping.

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6. Working Hard is Great but giving Up on your Health and Mental peace isn’t Worthwhile:

Since your 9 to 5 job requires you to be present at all times and if the environment is full of negative vibes then no sooner it will affect your mood, behavior and personality.

Giving your hours to a job that wouldn’t even think twice before replacing you is a sheer waste of time. So try to invest your energy in such a job that credits your hard work and dedication.

7. Work silently and Let your Hard work speak Volumes about You so be Positive:

No matter how much you try but you can’t stop others from saying filth about you. People will always have something to say about you as it’s easy to judge than to understand.

If you are worried about why people don’t like you or hate you for no reason, then you are just wasting your time. You cannot force others to like you but you can work on yourself as there is always some room for improvement.

Work hard and let your success make all the noise. Those who throw hate at others only waste their time, but those who work on themselves make their future bright.

8. Learn to Face your Demons alone:

Don’t let anybody take control of you, your thoughts and your life. Learn to face your demons alone because only you can slay them and nobody else will do that for you.

Remind yourself that you are the hero of your life and not the victim. So stop fearing and believing what others think of you. Your purpose in this life is not to impress others but to find its meaning and to live beautifully.

9. Be kind to Yourself especially When you are Alone, submerged in a Pool of never-ending Thoughts:

One can choose to have the most awakening or self-destructive conversation inside his head. So stop entertaining negative thoughts and show some kindness to yourself.

What you think all day can have a great impact on your self-esteem. Constantly feeding negative thoughts to your mind can scar you from within. So be gentle with yourself and embrace good thoughts.

10. Choose your Battles Wisely:

Raising your voice or keeping your opinion for yourself is great but choosing which battle to fight and which to ignore is wiser.

You don’t need to get dirty in order to prove yourself right. Pick the fights that are truly important to you, your mental well-being and your life.

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11. Stop giving Importance to Temporary people to Embrace Positivity:

People will come and leave but you should know which hand to hold and which to leave. If you have such friends who never miss a chance to make fun of you or disregard you, your ambitions and dreams then they are lethal for your well-being.

Leave their company and see how well your life will turn out to be. The people whom you stick to, hang out and share your dreams with can have a lasting impression on you. So choose your circle wisely as it can have a great impact on your life.

12. Not every Action demands your Reaction:

Some people will always try to suck you into their hellish world if you let them. So don’t allow them to have power over you. Not every petty issue demands your reaction so start ignoring.

Once you’ll stop reacting to their derogatory remarks that come out of nowhere and start minding your own business. They’ll lose the ability to play with your mind.

13. The love that you Have in your Heart, pour some to Yourself:

Small minds can’t comprehend big spirits so stop pleasing everybody. The love that you voluntarily give away to others, you should rather keep it to yourself. Not everybody deserves to know the real you so let them think what they want to.

The only person whom you are capable of improving in this life is the one you see in your shadow. So don’t let the negativity and hate break your spirit. It’s obvious to get sad and depressed sometimes but don’t live there and sulk. You carry so much love in your heart its time to give some to yourself!

Let thy spirit be high in love, Namaste!

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