10 Funny yet Positive Things that Happen when a Relationship turns Old

There’s no expiry date of a healthy relationship because it continues to grow, and prospers with time. With each passing year, and decade you get to experience something new about your relationship, which is something that we all keep our fingers crossed on.

As the relationship turns old, you become more comfortable with your partner emotionally and physically. Your bond strengthens, and you throw away the formalities in a dustbin, because start treating your partner like family.

So today we will celebrate the love of happy long-term couples, who have held each other’s hand for life. Here are some cute, funny, and positive moments that long term couples will relate to, and will chuckle at while reading.

Now without further interruption, let’s get into the content, and check out— 10 Funny yet Positive things that Happen when a Relationship turns Old.

10 Funny yet Positive Things that Happen when a Relationship turns Old

10 Funny yet Positive Things that Happens when a Relationship turns Old

1. You don’t take hours to get ready to impress:

When a relationship turns old, you don’t take hours to get ready because then you don’t have to worry about— what you gonna wear, or repeating your outfit. Because you two are more interested in meeting than impressing each other.

I know sometimes getting dressed up can make you feel all put together, and handsome. But it definitely consumes time, which could be saved, and utilized in extending the date, and doing things that you both can enjoy. Especially when you both have tight schedules, that often crash with each other’s timetable.

More than men, it’s a relief for women, as they don’t have to wear those tight outfits that make them sluggish, stuffed, and uncomfortable after having food.

Also, they don’t need to straighten or curl their hairs, and spend hours jostling with the hair tools, and makeup. Just put on a simple outfit, and be all natural because you know, your partner is in love with it.

2. If you forget your anniversary, you know it isn’t your last day on earth:

Forgetting your partner’s birthday or anniversary, when you have just begun dating could be like a vendetta against your partner. But as the relationship turns old these things become less significant, because you celebrate life every day.

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Long-time couples usually rise above this, because they understand that, celebrating the important days in their life is a symbolism of love, and dedication towards your partner, and the relationship that you share with each other.

Which needs to be done every day, and doesn’t get over by just buying a cake for your girlfriend or wife, and posting its pictures on social media. But must be done by actually caring for her, helping her out in doing household chores, and cooking scrumptious cuisines to nosh on together.

“Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.” —Vincent Van Gogh

3. You can be honest about things you like and dislike:

When a relationship turns old, you become a little savage, as you don’t put a filter to your words or censor them. To be honest, you cannot expect someone to stay together in a union for decades, and pretend it’s a new relationship, where you have to put on a sweet show.

Therefore, sometimes you can be a little spontaneous with your replies, and can be brutally honest with your partner.

Like, when they are constantly jabbering about what others are doing in their life, that can make your head spin into the wild-wild-west sometimes. Or snapping tens and hundreds of selfies in a row, and constantly being on their phone. While you are waiting for her to gravitate into the real world, and notice that you are sitting there feeling alone, and unwanted during your bonding time.

All these things can become tricky to handle when your relationship is new. Because one hesitates from exploding the truth bomb, and calling out your partner to throw some serious shade on their ignorant behaviour.

However, when a relationship blossoms and turns sweet old. It becomes easy to say things, that you would have died keeping in your chest for too long.

4. You give up on shaving and start rocking your natural fuzz:

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The terrible itch that shaving your body hair gives is one of the worst feelings ever. The stubby ingrown hairs that poke from your beard, underarms, and your private parts causes discomfort, especially when you have a coarse hair texture.

In the first few months of a relationship, we try to tone down our natural fuzz to give the vibe of having a baby smooth skin.

Some of us men, even boast our lady for not having a hairy chest. And women too like to give the impression that, they have hair-free skin. For which, they keep enduring the pain of shaving their body hairs, when they can just keep it, and we are absolutely fine with it.

All of this pain, and hassle of shaving it all off goes into vain when your relationship turns old. Because you don’t have any issue with being a grizzly bear around each other, and bears are cute right? until they nibble on you.

5. You start rocking each other’s clothes, style, and even lingo:

Couples who have been together for a long time start picking up their partner’s habits, their style, and even their accent. Because we all get inspired by the one we love, and like to adapt good things from them.

This is why couples who have been in a long-term relationship enjoy diving into each other’s closet to find some good pieces to wear. If you are a woman then you must have laid your hands on his plaid shirts and hoodies that look cool on women.

So no need to squeeze yourself into those tight dresses at home, which makes it difficult to enjoy food. Once you wear his easy-peasy loose clothing, you’ll be so comfortable that you’d want to make it your uniform.

The best thing is that, you two can accessorise, and experiment with your style by donning each other’s jewellery, watches, jacket, shoes, and scarves. If you haven’t tried it, then you must take a look at your partner’s wardrobe because you might find something cool to wear.

6. You don’t have to suck in your gas, and endure the pain like a time ticking bomb:

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When a relationship turns old, you are in such a comfortable place be it mentally or emotionally, that you don’t feel the need to present yourself in the best light. Or to be prim and proper around her all the time, even when there’s an urgent nature’s call.

The most underrated advantage is that you don’t have to hold in your gas, and roam around like a helium balloon ready to explode anytime.

People who suffer from digestive issues deal with severe bloating issues, which makes them feel stuffed, and causes a lot of pain in their stomach. So you don’t have to be an unlaunched rocket because you can just let it go sometimes, oops!

7. Don’t feel the need to hide your Man boobs because men too have their insecurities:

Although it might sound a bit comical when we talk about such things in a jolly way. But we men too have our own insecurities to deal with. Most common amongst it is finding acceptance for our bodies, and the way they are naturally built like.

Therefore, when the relationship turns old, you don’t need to hide the fact, that you have man boobs. Which you tried your best to hide from your lady love by layering clothes, wearing baggy tees, and trying hacks that could work on your manly bosom.

As your relationship matures, you start feeling comfortable around her because she accepts you with all your curves, and you don’t need to bother. So rock it like it’s a unique feature.

“Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.” – Vince Lombardi

8. You start using each other’s vanity and grooming products:

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When you two have been around each other for a long time. You have access to her vanity, where she safe keeps her luxe products that keep her skin soft and supple, and her hair glossy and manageable.

Though we men often deny using their girl’s self-care products. But we do because, we are hella curious about why do women always smell so fresh. Therefore, when the relationship turns old, we shamelessly use our lady love’s products, because men too enjoy going on a little self-care spree.

Surprisingly, women too delve into men’s grooming products. If your lady hasn’t tried using your self-care products, then it means that your relationship is quite new.

But when a relationship turns old, women too occasionally indulge in using products from their man’s grooming kit like perfumes, and their shaving supplies. As men’s razors give a smooth finish and always come to their rescue, when they can’t find theirs.

They are not only reusable (one love for mother earth) but also helps in saving money. While women’s razor only lasts for 2-3 sessions, and are usually on the costlier side.

9. You can cuss in front of your partner, as they understand the demon inside you has awakened from sleep:

Cussing is wrong especially when you are using such nonsensical words, and abuses for your significant other. Because once you start crossing boundaries, you open the doorway for rude behaviour to happen.

However, it’s slightly acceptable, when you are throwing your fit at someone who is a complete a-hole. Because when situations get out of control, and people make your blood boil, bad words just roll out of your mouth. And if your partner is near you, they understand that the demon inside you has unleashed itself.

Therefore, your partner excuses you, so you can relieve your stress and anger, and cool down soon to tackle the situation. Sometimes you two even have a good laugh about it, and take jibes on the offender or your foe.

10. You don’t feel ashamed of your little pouch: 

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When the relationship is new, we try to hide everything about us, that we feel isn’t our perfect feature. One common thing that we all do is that we hide our belly fat, which even skinny people have.

In the initial stages of the relationship, we tend to go overboard with exercise or dieting, and try various diets, or keep long fasts to achieve that flat tummy. But when your relationship turns old, this obsession also dies, as you realise that you don’t have to kill yourself for someone’s love or attention.

So having a little fat here and here is fine as long as you are healthy. Because we are real people, with real bodies, that aren’t airbrushed like those sports illustrated models, and many others who are all over the place on Instagram.

Instead of spending so much time on obsessing over your looks, put a little effort into developing your personality because it will help you in the long run. While looks will go away with age.

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” Sam Keen

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