17 Time Tested Tips on How to Flirt Like a Gentleman | Essential Guide to Flirting

17 Time Tested Tips on How to Flirt like a Gentleman

Flirting is basically a playful method of telling your crush that you are head over heels for her. It’s a thread of signals, that suggests you are interested in her and want to kindle a passionate romantic relationship with her.

Many a times, when people flirt with each other, they try to convey their feelings in a non verbal manner. Why so? Because its probably the safest method. Which saves you from getting thrown out from the room, and also spares you from the humiliation (sorry for scaring you). Haha

Wanna know How to Flirt like a Gent, here’s a Guide for Flirting only for You:

Dear gentlemen, don’t be stressed out! we have made an essential guide for how to flirt like a gentleman only for you. Because one wrong move at flirting could cancel you out from her list of perfect suitors. Therefore, you need to be prepared and know the do’s and don’ts of how to flirt with women.

Don’t fear making mistakes and through trial and error, you will develop techniques to flirt with women without coming across as overtly romantic, clingy and weird. Because at the end, you don’t want to make the wrong move and piss women off. That’s not gentlemen like behavior.

So let’s cut short and allow us to teach you the skills or how to flirt like a gentleman. Which will increase your probability of getting a YES! from her. Now quickly, check out 17 time tested tips on how to flirt like a gentleman.

17 Time Tested Tips on How to Flirt Like a Gentleman

17 Time Tested Tips on How to Flirt Like a Gentleman

1. Pay special attention to Personal hygiene and Grooming:

A well-groomed and hygienic person is appreciated by all, and especially when it comes to women. They always admire men, who take care of themselves and look presentable.

You could be handsome, charming, and dashing like the models featured in GQ magazine. But with that unkempt bush growing on your head, and overgrown-untidy beard. Nobody will ever notice that, you have such chiseled features. So don’t ignore your personal hygiene and groom yourself.

When you Take care of your Appearance everybody Starts taking you Seriously:

It may sound shallow, but just think yourself, would you take a girl seriously who talks about planning a future together. But doesn’t shower, eats without brushing her teeth, wears untidy clothes, and smells like a rotten fish.
I bet, you won’t!

Since her laziness will make you wonder— how she will take over the responsibilities after marriage, when she can’t take care of herself.

The same goes for men, so make sure you take care of your hygiene. Get a classic haircut, trim your nails and take a shower to smell fresh. If you want to impress her with your good habits.

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2. Maintain Eye contact to look Confident:

One of the most popular techniques of how to flirt with beautiful women, is to maintain intense eye contact as it draws a female’s attention.

If she plays around with her hair or corrects her body posture or clothing. Then it means, she is admiring your attention. So look into her eyes and make her see the depth in you.

Making eye contact is Sexy, so keep this in Mind, if you want to know How to Flirt:

Don’t look down while talking to her. As it will wrongly suggest, that you are either disinterested in the conversation or are feeling insecure around her.

It’s a psychological fact, that people who have trouble making eye contact suffer from low self-esteem and confidence.

So don’t give her an opportunity to consider you as weak and timid. Because females admire when men are confident around them, and do not fear expressing themselves.

As it leaves an impression, that the guy is happy and contented with himself, and holds no prejudices for the other person.

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3. Use your Body language to Seduce her:

Sweep her off her feet with your body language. Make sure to present a relaxed body language when you are with her.

Keep your body in a relaxed posture, don’t be stiff and fixated on the chair. Move around, show off your best posture (I know we all practice it in front of the mirror).

Women love when Men play Sexy, so use this Pro tip on How to Flirt with Women:

Be playful, touch your body (not in a creepy way though). Channel your inner model, sit like you are in a relaxed mood.

Roll your sleeves since women too like to notice the aesthetics of your body. Play with your hairs and allow her to admire your beautiful face.

Apply the art of seduction, take off your sunglasses and keep its arm near your lip. Bite it gently (not like a creep) to draw her attention towards you. Don’t repeatedly do this otherwise she will run away from you.

If you know she is into you, then you can keep your hand on the back of the chair she’s seated on. But don’t go too far, as it will creep her out. This is how to flirt like a gentleman without giving off a bad vibe.

4. Work on your Voice and Speech so it Lingers in her Ears:

Many people ignore the way, they talk. They don’t stress on words, neither do they emphasize on the subject they are talking about.

If you want to cast a spell on her by the way you talk. Then you need to work on your speech, the pitch and tone of your voice.

Research suggests, that Females find Men with Deep voices Desirable and Sexy:

Research conducted by the University College of London on 32 participants found out, that female participants preferred men with deep voices. As it indicated that the speaker might have a large frame.

While, men considered females with high-pitched voices to be attractive. As they imagined them having a small body frame.

If you want to know the secret sauce to how to flirt like a gentleman then this is it! So talk with proper intonation, lower your pitch, take pause and breathe gently. So she can absorb all of it, and get tempted by it.

Time Tested Tips on How to Flirt Like a Gentleman

5. Dress well to Tell her that you Care about Little things:

Men who dress well are taken seriously by women. As they admire the fact, that they have made efforts to look good for them. It also hints, that the guy takes care of his personal hygiene, his appearance, and how he presents himself to others.

Don’t panic, you don’t have to spend a lot of bucks on branded clothes and luxury watches. Just keep it simple, add classic pieces in your wardrobe. Make sure that all your clothes are properly ironed and clean.

Avoid wearing ill-fitted clothes and carry your attire with confidence. Merely doing this will leave a good impression on her.

The Power of Dressing can Level up your Flirting game if Used Properly:

Accentuate your best features with the right kind of garment. If you have long legs wear pants that compliment them.

If you are in great shape then wear clothes that hug your body. Have a long neck, then keep the buttons of your shirt open. Doing these little things will highlight the best parts of you. So it’s time to take your fashion game to a new level.

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6. Smile from your Eyes to enter into her Heart:

If you want to know how to flirt like a gentleman, then one of the best advice would be to “smize,” which means to smile from your eyes.

Give her that sparkling smile from your eyes. Don’t laugh at her jokes like an ape, and ask for a hi-five (she isn’t your buddy). I know we men have a bad reputation for laughing like that, especially in front of our friends.

If you want her to take you seriously, especially when you are meeting her for the first time. Then don’t intimidate her with a continuous burst of giant laughter.

If you want to win her with your good looks and charm. Then give her hint of a smile which radiates from your eyes and comes from within. Because many a times, a sweet smile is the beginning of an eternal love saga.

7. Use Humour to break Monotony but Don’t over do It:

A pinch of humor can spice things up between a couple, especially when you use puns like a pro. However, when a guy overdoes it, he looks childish and immature.

Use this element to the best of your use because it’s one of the best ways of how to flirt like a gentleman.

Tickle her funny bones and break that weird silence with your great sense of humor. Because women like men who can make them laugh on a rough day.

So try to be a little creative and spontaneous with your jokes. Avoid cracking cheap, vulgar and sexist jokes, they aren’t funny at all, no matter how hard you try.

Essential Guide to Flirting

8. Strike Deep, Meaningful conversation to Draw her Interest:

Although, females would anytime date a guy who is funny and goofy, but when it comes to being in a serious relationship. They tend to choose males who exhibit some sort of seriousness.

Why? Because women appreciate men with whom, they can share their piece of mind. As generally boys run away from such conversations and term them as boring.

How to Flirt with an Intellectual Woman:

Bare yourself open and have a heart to heart connection. Notch up your flirting game. Since only a gentleman would know, how to carry forward a deep and meaningful conversation with an equally intelligent woman.

Give her the excess to your mind, allow her to discuss on various facets of life. Know her views on different issues to build a rapport with her.

“There’s nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood. And understanding someone else.” ~ Brad Meltzer, The Inner Circle

If you really want to enter into her heart, then strike deep conversations. As it will develop mental intimacy between you two, and this is one of the safest ways of how to flirt like a gentleman.

9. Women love Challenges so don’t Kill her Curiosity by Revealing everything:

One of the golden advice on how to flirt like a pro is not to overshare about yourself. Women dislike men who only like to talk about themselves. It warns them, that either he is self-obsessed or has no interest in knowing her. So make sure, you don’t talk about yourself to the point of exhaustion.

Nobody wants to know your life story in a single go. Be patient, engage her in the conversation and show your interest by responding to her.

Pro Tip on How to Flirt:

Women like challenges, and their favorite challenge is— to peel off the layers of personality of their potential partner. So if you will reveal everything about yourself, it will kill her curiosity and excitement.

She won’t be interested in knowing you, as you have revealed all your secrets to her. Suddenly knowing you won’t be a challenge for her anymore, and you’ll be friend-zoned.

So, create a mysterious aura because mysterious men grab the most attention. Women are attracted towards them, they desire them and want to know them.

Since they know little about them, therefore, they look forward to meeting them. As with every meeting, they get to know something new about them, and it ignites their interest in them.

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10. Tease her Playfully to Tell her You like her Energy:

Teasing is an important element in flirting if used effectively. Because when a guy playfully teases a woman, it’s a sign that he is interested in her and women can easily figure it out.

Tease her once to know if she has put her guards down for you. You can tease her with a cute name, that somewhat relates to her overall personality.

If she teases you back, then it means she is comfortable with the kind of attention she is getting from you. Be a little creative because teasing is one of the finest ways of flattery, and probably the safest way for how to flirt.

Wanna share your feelings, then tease her like you are complimenting her, but with a pinch of humor. Don’t directly share your feelings, play around a bit to know if she is into you or not. It will save you from embarrassment (evil smile).

Tease her Playfully to Tell her You like her Energy, How to Flirt

11. Use Appropriate Touch to show Interest:

Touch has a memory of its own, a sensual memory that leaves your impression on your beloved. However, one must be careful while using this tool.

If you want to know how to flirt like a gentleman, then don’t dare to rub her the wrong way, as it can creep her out. A red flag will be instantly raised against you, and you might come in her bad books.

“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.”

So if you want to Know how to Flirt with a Woman by using the Sense of Touch, then Follow these Guidelines:

  • Set the mood and observe if she is interested in you.
  • Don’t be touchy just make her feel the warmth of your skin with a tender handshake or hug.
  • Walk next to her, if she reciprocates by sticking next to you, then only hold her hand.
  • Don’t touch her inappropriately or try to force yourself when she isn’t interested in you.
  • Men of honor never disgust women with such repulsive behavior.

12. Give Compliments that Go beyond Looks:

If you want to know how to flirt like a gentleman, then you shouldn’t forget to compliment her. Since it will touch your lady love’s heart and make her blush.

Women love getting attention and being showered by compliments. So make her feel special by giving compliments, that go beyond looks and appearance.

Because females are used to getting cheesy compliments by men on their looks, body and their dressing sense from men. So getting another such compliment won’t impress her as it’s overdone.

So observe her nature, note the things that you genuinely love about her. For example, her kind and compassionate nature, her intellect, and compliment her for that. She will be pleased to know that you do notice the little things about her, which others don’t.

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13. Don’t Constantly Bug her with Lame Messages:

Our guide on how to flirt like a gentleman would be incomplete without this point. Since, most men commit the mistake of texting women like mad hounds. Which indirectly suggests a woman, how much a person is dying for her attention.

If you think constantly sending cheesy messages to your crush would win her for a date, then sorry brother it won’t.

Women don’t like men who chase them to the point of exhaustion. They like patient men, who give them time and space to reflect on their emotions.

Pro Tip on How to Flirt with Beautiful Women:

Texting is an effective tool used for flirting. So be a little creative, study her personality to make conversations interesting.

Be yourself and make her fall in love with your true self, and not the fake persona that many men, try to create in front of women. Since they regret later, as women don’t love their original personality.

Another important advice is not to act crazy, and think twice before texting her. If what you are typing is important, necessary, and you feel like it will bring a smile to her face, then do it.

Otherwise, stop yourself from forwarding good morning, good night, and lame jokes to her. Since it irritates women, as they are surrounded by many other suitors, who irritate them with the same childish moves.

That’s why they never get a chance. So if you want to be taken seriously, then follow this advice on how to flirt with women.

Pro Tip on How to Flirt with Beautiful Women

14. Follow her Signals and take Hints from Them:

Observe her gestures and pay attention to her words because most women don’t directly share their feelings. They subtly hint you, that they like you.

If she makes efforts to continue the conversation, remembers things you tell her, tries to sit close to you, compliments you and talks in a high pitch whenever she sees you, so you can notice her. Then it suggests that she is interested in you.

So pay close attention to her, if you want to know if she has the same feelings for you. Follow her signals and respond well to come on board with her. Don’t act stupid by waiting for her to say those three words to you.

15. Drop a Sweet text after Meeting to Ensure her Safety:

This is one of the best ways to learn how to flirt like a gentleman because who doesn’t like caring men? Everybody does, right!

So don’t shut the door of the car on her face, and drive to your home only to crash in your bed and sleep. Be a little chivalrous, acknowledge her presence by thanking her for taking out time to meet you.

Don’t sleep without ensuring that your dear one reached her home safely, and thank her for making your evening special. Women love humble and responsible men. So be a little courteous towards her to make room in her heart.

16. Don’t Chase her like a Bull give her Time to Miss You:

If you want to know the secret recipe of how to flirt with beautiful women. Then keep this point in your mind because gentlemen don’t chase the flock. They give them ample space and time. So they can make up their mind, whether they are into them or not.

One of the most important rules of how to flirt like a gentleman is that, you should know where to draw the line.

Don’t chase her like any other guy, because they don’t last long. Women eventually get bored of receiving excessive attention from men, who either overshare or are always texting or calling them. So don’t cling to her like a baby. Give her time to miss you and remember you by herself.

Sometimes distance brings two people closer. Because people realize how difficult it is for them to go without talking to each other. So give her space, and watch her getting jitters, when she sees your unanswered calls.

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17. Show some Chivalry by Respecting her Boundaries:

In the modern times, men have lost chivalry. They don’t know where to draw the line, especially when it comes to love and relationships.

They literally take the phrase everything is fair in love and war, way too seriously. That they cross the line and do something that’s disrespectful towards her.

Important Rules for How to flirt like a Gentleman:

If you like her, you don’t have to push yourself on her and force her to like you. Women admire men who don’t force them to share or do something, that they don’t want to.

This gentlemen quality attracts them towards men, who are mature enough to understand the nature, and level of comfort of a person.

So never cross her boundary or force her to share her past experiences with men, and plead her to hug and peck you.

Please don’t be the reason of her discomfort. Maintain her dignity by not behaving immaturely if she has turned you down. This should be one of the protocols for how to flirt like a gentleman.

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