10 Things that Men do which Women find Annoying

10 Things that Men do which Women find Annoying

From time anon, men have been trying hard to impress women. But many they still struggle to know what girls like and what they don’t. Don’t panic, we are here to help you. Dive into the info and find Top 10 things that women find annoying about men. If you do it, then it’s high time to change your habit, so you can get the girl of your dreams.

1. Spitting everywhere:

This is one such habit which men should definitely change. Spitting at public places, on the roads and parks makes the place dirty and also annoys the public. Especially when men spit from public transport, your saliva could land on someone’s face. And this is not a fun thing to do. In the west, people consider it a taboo. They avoid doing it in public because of the fear of judgement and moral conduct. Dear men, please take notice.

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2. Urinating in Public:

Many guys say they have a small bladder and it needs to be emptied soon. So they can ingest more fluids and food. But that doesn’t mean, you have to pee in public place and paint the wall with your body fluids. It’s hard for women to cross the road, where men are urinating. There are plenty of public toilets, where you can make yourself comfortable, rather than making everybody else uncomfortable.

3. Smoking in Public:

Smoking in Public

What could be worse than having a person sit next to you and make clouds of smoke, that choke you to death. For non-smokers, it is one such thing that they find the most annoying. If you want to ruin your lungs, you may. But why are you making the other person suffer, who detests it? This is one of the things that men do which women find annoying.

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4. Passing off lewd comments:

Eve-teasing has been going on for years and nothing has done in this regard. This has given more power to the catcallers and eve-teasers. They think it is their right to do and it makes them stand out from the public.

Most guys who eve-tease think they are simply admirers, who like to compliment beautiful women. This is lame, what they don’t realize is women feel disgusted, unsafe and disturbed when such hideous comments come out of the mouth of random strangers. Just turn the tables around and imagine someone passing off comments on your sister, would you feel any better? This is one of the things that men do which women find annoying.

5. Following Women:

Street harassment has become so common yet nothing is being done in this regard. Empathy has become a thing of the past now. As little girls, teenagers and women feel unsafe in our world. When a girl reaches the age of 13, she sees the world with fear. Since everything around her is changing and instead of making our world safe for them. This is one of the things that men do which women find annoying.

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Few men make it a living hell, they pry on them and follow them, when alone. Roaming around their schools, tuitions to befriend them. Such behavior of men threatens them as they lose faith in humanity. They feel cautious about the environment they are living in. In markets, on the streets, men victoriously follow random women, thinking they are their possession. Stop this if you too want a better and a safer place for your kids and your future daughter, nieces, and granddaughters. Don’t blame other men then when you, yourself did the same. This is one of the things that men do which women find annoying.

6. Touching without Consent:

Touching inappropriately without having the permission of the lady is not only immoral but comes under sexual harassment. This has become a lot more common now, as there is a dearth of stringent laws that work in favor of women. Women’s safety means creating a better and safer world for them, where they can soar high and not hold back their fears.

7. Giving Death Stares:

Giving Death Stares

There is a difference between looking at someone and staring at someone. If you find someone attractive, you look at them for a few seconds. On the contrary, when one stares, he keeps his eyes on that person and roves it on every inch of the woman’s body. This is one of the things that men do which women find annoying.

However, some people only stare at someone’s face and for so long, that it makes the girl uncomfortable. And when one tries to question them, they bash them by saying, “We weren’t doing anything, don’t try to act smart”. Kindly change this attitude, it’s annoying and scary at the same time. You don’t know what the person is thinking about you or could possibly do to you.

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8. Giving unnecessary Career advice to Women:

Men are great companions, brothers and friends. But what upsets women is when men think, they have the right to make important decisions for them. Don’t know what drives them to give unsolicited advice. Women are capable of thinking for themselves to make critical decisions of their life. Let them do so and feel confident about themselves. It’s their life, they know better. If they are not seeking career advice from you, then you shouldn’t give any.

9. Not Listening:

Women love talking and sharing details of how their day went. They want their man to know everything about them, what they like and what they don’t. But men being men, are always interested in that football game than listening to their partner. This is what irritates most women, they need time and affection. It makes them feel bad and unheard. Try making up time for your loved one, it won’t cost you anything.

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10. Hiding their Pain:

Like us, men too feel pain. Sometimes they go through rough days, phase or a situation. Rather than expressing it, they hide it behind their poker face. Please don’t! Speak up, cry, express, just don’t bear the pain alone. We want your voice to be heard and understood. Don’t grieve alone, we are here to help. Let’s create a better world for everyone. This is one of the things that men do which women find annoying.

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