9 Simple Things that make Introverts Happy

9 Simple Things that make Introverts Happy

Introverts are awesome, as they don’t need much to feel special. And the reason, why I am jotting down this article is that I am feeling euphoric about the weather.

It’s windy outside and my introversion is kicking in, and it is drawing me towards my creative endeavors. The balmy winds are tickling the bottle green leaves of the mighty Banyan tree, that I love and adore. I can hear its crisp rustling and also the chirping of the crickets in the backyard.

Many people love to sleep early in such weather. But I like to stay awake to observe and feel the serenity of the cool winds, blessing the denizens of Garhwal.

It’s amusing how these small things and moments can make introverts like us happy. And I am grateful for it and will pen some of the simple things that make introverts happy.

So if you are an introvert like me, who is having a rough day. Then let’s divert your attention by acknowledging the simple things that make introverts happy.

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1. Empty Streets and Rainy Days:

Watching the streets devoid of crowd and traffic during rainy days warms our hearts. There’s stillness on the streets, which are mostly bustling with heavy traffic. This is one of those simple things that make introverts happy.

It feels like time has stopped ticking for a while and everybody is inside, observing the quietude in the environment. This temporary calmness of the busy streets, makes us happy as it feels like peace has been restored.

You can spot one or two people on the street with their umbrellas, rushing towards their homes. The deserted streets remind everyone, they need to go home.

2. Phone Not Ringing:

Introverts don’t like talking much and have a no-tolerance policy for gossip mongers, who keep spreading rumors through the grapevine. So it’s a delightful feeling when our phone’s not ringing, this is one of those simple things that make introverts happy.

Usually, our introverted pals don’t call but prefer to meet offline. That’s why having your phone ring at any time could mean, it might be from that clingy friend, you want to avoid.

Most of the time it’s from over-friendly peers, who forcefully share their personal life with you. Because you listen to them like a therapist, then they become clingy and ask for your advice on their personal issues. This is a red flag for us, as we know how downhill things go afterward.

Therefore, we love when our phone is silent and we are undisturbed by the social drama, and ramblings of the world.

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3. Wild Camping in the woods and observing nature like a new-born:

Extroverts like to rejuvenate themselves by hanging out with their pals or partying with them, like there’s no tomorrow. Introverts on the other hand look for pleasures in the most unusual places, and more often alone.

If you are an introvert who’s holding a 9 to 5 job, 6 days a week. You’d know that Sunday strictly means “do not disturb please, it’s me time.”

Since we need it to rejuvenate ourselves as handling clients, talking to co-workers, and being around people for a long time can be exhausting.

Therefore, we retreat towards the woods like a hermit to practice peace and quietude, which brings us closer to nature. We camp, trek, and observe nature like a new-born, as these are some of the simple things that make introverts happy.

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4. Feeling Music in solitude:

Everybody loves listening to music, and Introverts are no exception. However, as an introvert I feel, our clan doesn’t listen to music but feels it.

Studies suggest in introverts, the left part of the brain, which is responsible for creative thinking is more active than the right, that is responsible for reasoning and rational thinking.

Therefore, when introverts immerse themselves in creative activities such as listening or playing an instrument. It gives them a high level of stimulation.

Maybe this is the reason, why we love listening to music in solitude and feeling it crawling in our skin. Even better when we jam our favourite dulcet tunes and melodies, alone in the comfort of our home. This is one of those simple things that make introverts happy.

5. Watching the activities of our furry babies like proud parents:

One of the simple things that make introverts happy is watching our furry little friends happily-hippity-hoppitying around the place.

Nothing can beat the cuteness of well-fed furry pals, inviting you with their round beady eyes to give attention to them. Watching them feel safe around you, enjoying being petted by us and being happy in our company makes us feel like proud parents.

We can never feel alone in the company of our pets whether its a bunny or a dog, as they are our furry babies. Our heart fills with contentment by watching them yawn, and curl in their bed after a day’s mischief.

6. The smell of Books with a hot Cup of Tea:

We have an undying love for books. They are our best friends, and our only source of entertainment, that we keep getting back to again and again.

Books, as they say, are the window to the world, from where we gaze into the world of fiction, with eyes open wide like a curious infant.

They are like a fountain of knowledge for an introvert. As it educates us, teaches us life skills, and offers therapy to us from time to time.

If you are an introvert, reading is not just a hobby but a habit, that you have developed over time. So you don’t miss on what’s going around the world, the history, the present, and the future inventions.

We can sit for hours on our favourite spot reading a book, that was on our bucket list for a long time, while slurping a hot cup of tea. The bliss in creating literal sense from metaphors, while giving wings to our imagination is amazing.

“One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time.” – Carl Sagan

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7. Heart to Heart Conversations with People:

Introverts don’t like socializing but when it comes to knowing people on an individual level, they love that.

At anytime, introverts would prefer having heart-to-heart conversations over socializing. This is one of the things that make introverts happy. Since it allows them the opportunity to know that person on an individual level.

Introverts like connecting with people independently and not when they are a part of a group. Because people tend to act differently when they are in groups.

They get influenced by their peers and project the expected behaviour, like they are an extension of that group.

Therefore, knowing people individually and having heart-to-heart conversations, allow you to discover that person and the things that makes them unique.

8. Self-care:

Here’s a secret that many people don’t know about introverts, that we introverts love pampering ourselves. 

Since introverts love spending time with themselves. They like indulging in activities, where they get some time to rejuvenate themselves in the comfort of their room. And what’s better than treating yourself with a nice face or head massage? that kicks out the stress from your debilitating 9 to 5 job.

Many of our close ones don’t believe, we might be high on self-care but we actually are. We are serious about the things we put into our bodies and our minds. Therefore, we have our well-tailored routines, that we like to follow to the T.

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9. Learning new things about yourself and getting stunned every time:

Introverts being old school love to live life simply. As it gives you enough time to go deeper into the realm of your consciousness. Where we can peacefully observe ourselves by turning inwards and try to connect with the lost parts of us. That’s hidden somewhere in the unconscious mind, swathed by the waves of time.

We dust that memory to revive the old parts of us, that we have left behind and compare it with the present. It helps us to evaluate ourselves, how far we have come in life and much work we have done on us, and how much needs to be done.

Sometimes, we giggle and laugh on the innocent self of the past. While other times, we get astounded by the events happened in the past, that has shaped our present.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

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