Spring Sparrows- Studying the Nesting Pattern of House Sparrows

The winter sun will soon bid adieu to me and summers will bounce back in full spring. It’s funny how a swift change in weather can give you a rundown of emotions. Ever since I was a little girl, I asked the same question to many, “Do you feel sad when the seasons change?”.

Till date, I haven’t received a single “Yes”. Maybe that’s how I feel because I don’t like changes. Perhaps I make myself so comfortable with the environment I live in, that a sudden change shakes me a little.

I have longed for many things to stay in their former state. But change is a part of life and over the years, I have gulped the truth with a heavy dose of inside clutter and drama, that takes place in your head-space. But today is a beautiful day. My eyes are glued to the delightful activities of sparrows.

Dancing sparrows
I am not a sparrow but an eagle. Beware!

The warm sun is up in full splendour and the birds are hovering over the place:

I am basking under the sun and these tiny creatures are excited because they think, I’ll feed them. I do that every morning; it makes me feel happy. Nature should be respected. It should be cherished and a little gratitude could get rid of our selfish-self.

After 6 months, they have developed a little faith in humans. They are galloping on the lawn, shrieking on each other to peck the millet, which they haven’t devoured since morning.

The afternoon dance routine of House Sparrows:

As I lay here, the warmth of the sun is seeping inside my bones. The birds can be seen fluttering over the ivy creeper that curls on the wall, making its way to the gates of heaven — the sky up above. I can hear the movement of their wings, loud and clear ringing in my ears.

The tiny creatures have used all its might to thrust its body, so it can float in the air. The birds are flying in the sky, dancing to the rustling sound of the leaves, hitting the skies. They appear like a midsummer night’s dream.

Sparrow in search of food
This feathery beauty could have won the beauty pageant among birds.

The fight for securing a spot to weave a nest:

Away from the dancing birds, there is a sparrow couple, who has built its nest on the ceiling. They are living in their own world, making a nest in the opening of the ceiling, which holds the fan’s mounting bracket. Since it is loose, the daring couple has decided to make its abode there.

Although, we tried to close the opening to avoid any accidents. But none of the efforts were fruitful, as the two birds repeatedly pecked on the mounting bracket, which loosened it and it now lay open. To ensure the safety of the couple, we decided not to switch on the fan and monitor their activity every day.

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Father sparrow and mother sparrow’s teamwork to maintain their nest:

It is strange to see how peculiar father sparrow is about the maintenance of their nest. It is somewhat similar to human behaviour. Like we take care of our house, so it withstands the tide of times. He collects hay from the lawn and wraps it around the nest, leaving the wisps on the floor.

The male sparrow carries the stack of hay in his beak, twirls it and pushes it in the crevice of the ceiling. He then transfers a blade of grass to the female sparrow and she does the same. It’s teamwork, Mamma sparrow and papa sparrow diligently work together to give a protected environment to their chicks.

When the male sparrow flies to peck seeds from the lawn, the lady sparrow guards the nest. She hides inside so another bird doesn’t invade her nest until her partner comes back.

Sparrow couple
You and I in this beautiful world.

Sparrows mark their immediate territory to ward off intruders:

On the first day of their hunt, the sparrows were fighting for securing a vacant spot. House sparrows can be aggressive at times. They ward off other birds by claiming their territory. Spring is the season when they court.

Their mating activity can begin as early as January and continue till July. The sparrow couple at my home guards their nest 24*7. They sit on the blade of the fan and keep an eye on the invaders. Mamma sparrow sits on one blade and papa sparrow on the other.

They often jump over to perch on the same blade, where they can sit together and chirp. Like a couple sharing their problems after a day’s work.

House Sparrows will soon welcome a new life:

Other birds often come to see whether the couple has left the spot or are still holding it, so they could build their nest. But the mother and father sparrow are left unbothered.

They are eagerly waiting to nurture a new life homo sapiens do before childbirth. Apparently, sparrows are finding it hard to raise their little feathery angels because of human interference.

Sparrow chick
I am in for a swim says, the cool sparrow chick.

A little advice for those who have spotted a nest in their home:

If you find house sparrows making their nest in the nook and crannies of your home. Try not to reach it or fiddle their nest to look for eggs. As it might shoo them away. If you want to help, you can feed them by offering bird seeds, grains or kitchen leftovers.

Make sure, you keep the bird food at a particular spot each day. Where the couple can locate it easily and can peck it, without any fear of animals, pets or humans. You can also place a bowl of water near that place. It would be helpful. The best advise would be — to take care of the birds but from afar.

Let they spirit be high in love. Namaste