An Old CD

It was a cold wintry night, the clock had struck 2 and she was waiting at the door to surrender herself in her lover’s arms. It took him long but he soon knocked on the door. She quickly got up from her snugly bed and ran towards the door to meet her beloved. He was a well-built man who was in his early 20’s, while she was a 19-year-old chirpy, young maiden.

When she opened the door, their eyes met and they held each other in their warm embrace. They sat by the bed and talked about how their day went. As the night matured, their love for each other crossed all barriers. He held her by the waist and gave a gentle kiss on her pretty face. She, an equally passionate woman leaned forward, held his collar and gave a soft peck on his long neck. Soon they were smothering each others perfectly sculpted bare bodies.

The girl being the artsy one was fond of music and he being a charmer was good at singing and swooning women off their feet. That night they were listening to an old CD. Lost in their world, they gazed into each other’s eyes and cuddled in bed. Then out of nowhere his favourite songs played, one after the another. He was amused as he exactly knew which song would play next.

Couple in love

Baffled by the kind of coincidence he was having, he asked his lady love from where did she got that CD? She smiled and said these are her favourites too. Later, she told him that since it was an old CD so it had all the classic romantic numbers of their time. He was assured by her answer so he decided not to stretch the argument further.

When he was absorbing the mellifluous music on their new CD player, she turned to the other side of the bed. With lovers under the same roof, the room had an unexpected jarring silence. He got out of the bed and lit a cigarette while listening to the “Whisky Lullaby”.

Soon his clumsy hands reached the phone and he texted- “She doesn’t know about us, I don’t know how to break it to her. Maybe tomorrow I’ll talk, take-care bye!”. As he crawled into the bed, the song played “Every breath you take” and he saw her pillow drenched in tears.

He reached towards her and asked why was she crying? With tears running down from her hazel eyes, she told him it was the same CD he gave her as a token of love while proposing her for the wedding. Today was their anniversary but he had long forgotten. Little did she know that he had forgotten her too. He begged forgiveness and sang for her then they both slept; one in pain of being ignored and the other in pain of not letting go.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste