Phone Directory- Tiny Tale

For the longest time, he believed that all the contacts in his phone directory were now dead. Little did he know that it was his corpse that was smelling.

2 thoughts on “Phone Directory- Tiny Tale”

  1. Felt like we are really forgetting humanity over mentality, must not but so… the central purpose of this story is so deep like seeking home but not having a place to hide. Thanks for sharing, people should really reconsider over.

  2. Thank you, sir. Not feeling connected to others is like a war that wages within, where you want to bond with people but fail to do so. In such a case, one needs to have a psychological revolution, where he realises that resting on someone’s shoulder might comfort him for a while but it’ll make him dependant. Therefore, realising your own strength, not giving up and finding a “purpose” will give you salvation.

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