The Meadow Flowers were Teeming with Joy

The Meadow Flowers were Teeming with Joy, Meadow Flowers Poem

The fog lifted up and so did we, The smoke from the chulha was painting a dull picture, We moved ahead and saw a cavern, Inviting us to taste the adventure. I gave in and moved inside, while my sister stayed behind. The ivy creeper and passion vine were crawling in the courtyard, And meadow … Read more

An Ode to a Beloved Pet: My Scared Bunny now Gently Sleeps

An Ode to my beloved Pet: My Scared Bunny now Gently Sleeps, Poem on Loss of Pet

“I don’t have fancy words to bleed, Because I have a distaste for forced poetry, I like to keep things simple and sublime. That’s how I have always been. Dipped in a concoction of madness and mysteries, with a seasoning of salty emotions. Nevertheless, I’ll still pour my feelings, Because I am incapable of welling … Read more

A Flame of Fire- Inspirational Poem

A Flame of Fire- Inspirational Poem on Fire

“Like the fire burns the wood shavings, reducing each to a pile of dust. The silence when the world around you crumbles down, kills you as much. When thousands of mortals surround you, but no one dares to speak up, so it doesn’t shake their ground. And the silence of good souls, kills you more … Read more

Room for Two- Poem on Love and Romance

Room for Two-Poem on Room, Story on Room

She was a literature lover and fan of Virginia Woolf’s work. He was a doctor but not of hearts. Quite practical by nature, as assumed by others. Someone who would pick to be left alone with books on philosophy, quantum physics, and evolutionary history, rather than being surrounded by humans and their folly. She wondered … Read more

To the Dreamer in Everybody

To the Dreamer in Everybody, Dream Poem

When I was a little girl, I reminded myself not to keep dreams in those starry eyes, especially in broad daylight. To support this idea, I had various notions that I made up in my mind. The fearful child in me believed– big people, rich people, outspoken and confident people have dreams bigger than life. … Read more