Chemical Imbalance- Love Poetry

Chemical Imbalance- Love Poem

“Those who were beautiful were never wonderful, and those who were wonderful, were either possessed or were extremely insane. I always had a natural affinity for the latter, they needed to be cared for, they needed to be loved. They needed to be hit with a dagger in their heart, to make them realise how … Read more

Chocolates, Ice-creams & Kinship- Tiny Tale on Love

Chocolates, Ice-creams & Kinship- Tiny Tale on Love, Love Quotes

“He asked her, what did she like the most, chocolates or ice-creams? The girl instantaneously replied, ‘I love moments.’ Though in destitute of time, he quickly replied, ‘Okay! We will have moments.’ And it brought tears in her eyes. A kinship between two strangers was born that day.“ You may also like: 10 Best Charles … Read more