My Quotes

The Beauty of Silence

Sometimes just sitting together silently and gazing at the resplendent hills. You can fall in love, not with a person,…

1 year ago

Colours of my Heart

Colours of my heart are blending with the sky, catch them before they fade away like the mist over that…

1 year ago

Chemical Imbalance- Love Poetry

"Those who were beautiful were never wonderful, and those who were wonderful, were either possessed or were extremely insane. I…

9 months ago

She Wolf- Poem on Writing & Passion

"She was a mountain child, when she was mad, she never cried. She only did one thing- write, write, write.…

9 months ago

Chocolates, Ice-creams & Kinship- Tiny Tale on Love

"He asked her, what did she like the most, chocolates or ice-creams? The girl instantaneously replied, 'I love moments.' Though…

5 months ago

Fire Couple

He liked her because she was fierce like the fire and he was calm like the sea after a storm.

1 year ago

Makeup, No Makeup

Other girls would conceal their facial flaws but she was different, she concealed her feelings. It made her more vulnerable…

1 year ago


The little boy requested nature to paint its canvas in white and it ushered snow.

1 year ago

Men and Mountains

Men who love the mountains possesses an irresistible charm.

1 year ago

River of Life

In order to understand life better, one must sit under a rickety tree and listen to a little river gurgling…

1 year ago