Moments in Draft Box- Quotes on MemoriesMoments in Draft Box- Quotes on Memories

Moments in Draft Box- Quotes on Memories

Life has reduced itself to moments and now to a few notes, that are left unedited in the draft box. Popular…

7 months ago

Her Type

“If everybody desires you, then you probably aren’t my type,” said the woman craving for love in the last decade…

2 years ago

The Last Bird

Only when the last bird will take its flight, the entire humankind will cheer, weep and applaud.

2 years ago

Never Lonely

“I never feel lonely because I have soliloquy’s every 24*7”, said the woman to herself.

2 years ago

Hush Life

I enjoy observing the raindrops competing with each other to slide down the window sill. And the leaves drenched by…

2 years ago

Autumn Forever

When the trees bear the colours of rust, I know it’s autumn. My favourite time of the year.

2 years ago

Voices Unheard

“I speak a lot sometimes I constantly talk to myself. And think of all the scenarios that will happen once…

2 years ago


Sometimes we fail to understand how lovely a human touch can be.

2 years ago

Comforting Nights

With the songs of the crickets, the nights became more comforting than days.

2 years ago

Dainty Hearts

“He is so fragile yet beautiful, I can watch him all day long without blinking my eyes”, said the girl…

2 years ago