To the Dreamer in Everybody

To the Dreamer in Everybody, Dream Poem

When I was a little girl, I reminded myself not to keep dreams in those starry eyes, especially in broad daylight. To support this idea, I had various notions that I made up in my mind. The fearful child in me believed– big people, rich people, outspoken and confident people have dreams bigger than life. … Read more

A Wooded Haven of my Dreams- Poem on Life & Dreams

A Wooded Haven of my Dreams- Poem on Life and Dreams

Since childhood, I had a heartfelt connection with nature and its bounty. Although I didn’t realise it when I was growing up, later the picture became clear. When we were little, we had a painting in our room, which had a scenic view of a tiny wooden house, with a velvety garden and a gurgling … Read more