100 Bitter-sweet Existential Quotes by famous Philosophers that’ll hit you Deep

Do you often find yourself criticizing, and relentlessly arguing with yourself about— why we are trapped in this world like a hamster on a wheel, who is forced by its owner to run in the name of fun. Whilst for the hamster, who is confined within its solitary chamber, it’s no fun, and games. Though … Read more

70 Inspirational Strength Quotes that you must Imbibe from Religious Books & Successful People

Strength is one of the qualities that is important for the survival of any living specie whether in human or animal kingdom. As it helps us to be flexible with time and situation, and to have the mental power to handle any situation. Since we all have our personal struggles to deal with. Therefore, we … Read more

Karma Quotes: Collection of 90 Best Quotes on Karma

Karma Quotes: Collection of 90 Best Quotes on Karma

Karma is a Vedic Sanskrit word derived from the word “karman” which means action, work, or deed. It is originally a Hindu religious philosophy or a school of thought wherein the deeds, words, thoughts, and commands can greatly affect a person’s life. Actions done with good intent can benefit a person, whereas bad actions can … Read more