How to take care of the Emotional & Mental well-being of an Empath Child

Taking care of the emotional and mental well-being of an empath child

Empath kids are a gift to humankind. They are wise beyond years, are sensitive, kind, aware and generous. All these traits come naturally to them. But being an empath is not always sunshine and rainbows because they feel too much. Sometimes the feelings of love, fear, sadness, grief, and despair remain etched in their hearts … Read more

Psychological & Emotional Damage Corporal Punishment can Have on Children

Corporal Punishment

Once I read a poem in 4th standard, it beautifully described the relationship between parents and their off-springs. I can’t recall its name but it was in my mother tongue Hindi which made it more meaningful and self-explanatory. It stated how a child is like the clay and the parents are like porters, while their … Read more