Life Lessons

10 Life Lessons I Learned during my Stay in the Hills

I am on my way back home to Dehradun, a city with a simple yet slow life. I have been…

9 months ago

Nobody Deserves Flowers

What she had realised that flowers looked more beautiful, adorning the earth than dying in a vase. It was the…

9 months ago

Into Nothingness

Diving into nothingness has never bothered me but reaching the shore with an extremely dull person has.

9 months ago


All the times you wanted to take a plunge, remind yourself that you are capable of flying.

9 months ago

Indian Tea

During his adulthood, he developed a deep hatred for people. Mainly because they consumed him like the free tea, offered…

9 months ago

Small Victories

Some victories are subtle they might not make a stellar appearance in the outside world. But deep in the crevasses…

9 months ago


The boys at school never grew up. Hence, they were always happy!

9 months ago

An Abandoned Tree

Anybody who had the nerve to get him out of his dampened room was dear to him. The leaking walls…

11 months ago