River of Life

In order to understand life better, one must sit under a rickety tree and listen to a little river gurgling…

10 months ago

Careless Whisper of the Leaves

After the insects have fed on the leaf, its veins begin to show. Making it appear more beautiful and hollow.…

10 months ago

Nobody Deserves Flowers

What she had realised that flowers looked more beautiful, adorning the earth than dying in a vase. It was the…

10 months ago

Night Music

He had so many mellow songs to share but none to treasure them.  

10 months ago

Howdy! Sunflower Man

The man who always had a smile decorated on his face, like the fully blossomed sunflower beaming in a dead…

1 year ago

Mountain Love

When you have lived under the shade of the mountains, no other place feels good enough.

10 months ago


Some days are gentle like the summer breeze, Others, as harsh as the cold winter night. Some days you feel,…

3 months ago

Heading Back to the Mountains- Nature Poetry

"When the roads become isolated, and the green starts painting the mountains. When suddenly, the clatter transforms into melodious silence,…

2 months ago

Into Nothingness

Diving into nothingness has never bothered me but reaching the shore with an extremely dull person has.

10 months ago


All the times you wanted to take a plunge, remind yourself that you are capable of flying.

10 months ago