Under the Molten Moonlight 

Under the Molten Moonlight Love Poem, Love Story, Lonely Night Poem

“She took the flight of stairs, Heaved as she set her foot on the terrace, The sighs seemed to be suppressed by the shimmering city lights, She thought, being in your 20s can sometimes feel old, Because you were never too young, Not even as a child. But this molten moonlight made her skin glow, … Read more

My favourite Cloud

My favourite Cloud, Short story on Clouds, Poem on Clouds, Love Poem

Lying on the soft velveteen grass, I as usual in my pensive state thought of you. Not deciding to fan my thoughts in a particular direction. I arrived at a junction, where I could feel the bliss of a warm connection. As I lay on the well-combed grass, I could feel the tiny droplets of … Read more

Chemical Imbalance- Love Poetry

Chemical Imbalance- Love Poem

“Those who were beautiful were never wonderful, and those who were wonderful, were either possessed or were extremely insane. I always had a natural affinity for the latter, they needed to be cared for, they needed to be loved. They needed to be hit with a dagger in their heart, to make them realise how … Read more