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She was a mountain child,

when she was mad, she never cried.

She only did one thing- write, write, write.

It made her feel better than ever.

It made her feel invisible,

like nothing could stop her.

She felt like a wolf.

Pragati Chauhan

I am a soulful woman who loves to conjure up my thoughts and write. I thoroughly enjoy creating art and expressing myself through words. I believe words have a certain kind of melody that can be understood by everybody.

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  • Beautiful expression of inner strength, Pragati. I’m intrigued by the way of the wolf as they are my spirit animal.

  • A beautiful poem.
    Wolves are adventurous and ambitious.
    I always was fasionated by the, almost spiritual size and depth of the wolf’s structure and movement.
    Have you noticed?
    It’s almost like it glides across the ground on its paws.
    It not only is different, and looks different, but the mind can sense it’s soul is different than a regular hound or dog as well, I’m certain.

    -From Gregory Thomas

    • Indeed, wolves are fierce and beautiful creatures. Their eyes are captivating, like they have concealed a thousand un-told stories in it. They are also wise, as you must have read about, how they look for each other in groups. I find them very fascinating.

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Pragati Chauhan

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