Love and Relationships

Why loving someone isn’t a child’s play & What you should know before Committing

Love is one such word or let's say an emotion, which has been abused to the extent, that people use…

2 days ago

Loners & Relationships: What Happens when Two Loners Fall in Love

When the universe makes the meeting of two loners possible. It creates magnificent chemistry. They don’t necessarily do all the…

7 months ago

My favourite Cloud

Lying on the soft velveteen grass, I as usual in my pensive state thought of you. Not deciding to fan…

9 months ago

Loving a Lone Wolf: How to keep a Relationship on with a Loner

To maintain a healthy relationship with someone who likes to be alone is not as difficult as climbing a mountain.…

10 months ago

Colours of my Heart

Colours of my heart are blending with the sky, catch them before they fade away like the mist over that…

1 year ago

10 Things Men want from Women but are too Stubborn to Ask for

You may think that a man’s mind isn’t that complex in comparison with your own. But sometimes we experience those…

1 year ago

Existential Crisis: The World is Full of Questions Unanswered

A person carries a lot of weight in his chest but we only see the glowing smiles. Everybody we meet…

1 year ago

Chemical Imbalance

Those who were beautiful were never wonderful, and those who were wonderful, were either possessed or were extremely insane. I…

1 year ago

Fire Couple

He liked her because she was fierce like the fire and he was calm like the sea after a storm.

1 year ago

My Muse

Human beings are complex creatures very difficult to understand, and even more difficult to bond and to love. Each carries…

1 year ago