The Meadow Flowers were Teeming with Joy

The Meadow Flowers were Teeming with Joy, Meadow Flowers Poem

The fog lifted up and so did we, The smoke from the chulha was painting a dull picture, We moved ahead and saw a cavern, Inviting us to taste the adventure. I gave in and moved inside, while my sister stayed behind. The ivy creeper and passion vine were crawling in the courtyard, And meadow … Read more

My favourite Cloud

My favourite Cloud, Short story on Clouds, Poem on Clouds, Love Poem

Lying on the soft velveteen grass, I as usual in my pensive state thought of you. Not deciding to fan my thoughts in a particular direction. I arrived at a junction, where I could feel the bliss of a warm connection. As I lay on the well-combed grass, I could feel the tiny droplets of … Read more

Heading Back to the Mountains- Nature Poetry

Heading back to the mountains,Nature Poem, Poem on Hills

“When the roads become isolated, and the green starts painting the mountains. When suddenly, the clatter transforms into melodious silence, you know you are heading back to the mountains. When the kids with apple-blush cheeks, wave you from the distant hills, and industrious women pass by, with heavy anklets jingling on their feet, You start … Read more