The Yellow Shami Plant – Nature Poetry

The Yellow Shami Plant-Nature Poetry

The Yellow Shami Plant – Nature Poetry “The mist lifted up from the window pane of the bus,which bathed the glass window and made it glow.Still, I was unable to savour the view,As the window was embellished with crystal-like dewdrops,that were competing with each other, to be the first ones to land on my couch. … Read more

My favourite Cloud

My favourite Cloud, Short story on Clouds, Poem on Clouds, Love Poem

Lying on the soft velveteen grass, I as usual in my pensive state thought of you. Not deciding to fan my thoughts in a particular direction. I arrived at a junction, where I could feel the bliss of a warm connection. As I lay on the well-combed grass, I could feel the tiny droplets of … Read more