Cutest Pictures of Ducklings that’ll Prove they can Express Anything

We humans think, our species can express and emote anything, as we have all the advantage that comes with human…

8 months ago

Little House Sparrow Returned Today: Sparrow who loves Roosting on Tube light

One fine evening, when I was sitting in my room completing my pending work. I saw a tiny sparrow fluttering…

8 months ago

Have you seen a Squirrel smelling Flowers? This Photographer has made it Happen

Who doesn’t like hippity-hoppity squirrels, running to and fro in the garden area? I surely do, they are so damn…

8 months ago

The Meadow Flowers were Teeming with Joy

The fog lifted up and so did we, The smoke from the chulha was painting a dull picture, We moved…

8 months ago

25 Dreamy Quotes from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, commonly known as Alice in Wonderland is a novella written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson,…

6 months ago

Paragliding Dogs: Extreme Sports with Pets is another form of Circus

People are the best show in this world and you don't even pay for the ticket. These lines resonate in…

2 weeks ago

An Ode to a Beloved Pet: My Scared Bunny now Gently Sleeps

"I don't have fancy words to bleed, Because I have a distaste for forced poetry, I like to keep things…

3 weeks ago

The Story of ‘अस्तित्व’ Astitva ‘Existence’: The Truth about Art & Artists

At age 80, my uncle was completing one of his most awaited paintings, which was about to showcase in the…

8 months ago

Moments in Draft Box

Life has reduced itself to moments and now to a few notes, that are left unedited in the draft box.

9 months ago

Bulbuls in the Valley: Studying the Nesting Pattern of Red-vented Bulbul

The red-vented bulbul, member of the bulbul family of passerines is a commonly spotted bird in India. These resident birds…

9 months ago