Melody Of Words

Words, they warm you a little.


A Wooded Haven of my Dreams

Since childhood, I had a heartfelt connection with nature and its bounty. Although I didn’t realise it when I was growing up, later the picture became clear. When we were little, we had a painting in our room which had a scenic view of a tiny wooden house with a velvety garden and a gurgling stream flowing by. Watching it every night before sleep was our favourite pass time.

I used to tell my sister that this is my dream house and when I will shift there. I’ll make a small pond for the swans to swim in and will feed them every day. Will grow a little flower bed in my minion house, where I might occasionally sit and read a book. And when she’ll be around, we will climb uphill to the valley of flowers and roll over the dew-kissed grass. Smitten by the dreamy picture, we kissed it every day, thinking that one day our dream will turn into a reality.

When we were blossoming into young girls, that beautiful painting was deteriorating and we didn’t notice. Until one day when it became so damp that its colours started bleeding. When it came to our notice, we removed it from our room. With the painting, our midnight chatter also stopped. Now we didn’t have anything to look and talk to when we weren’t sleeping. However, the dream of living in a small wooded haven never erased from my memory. So here’s an ode to that dream:

Come with me, let’s fall in love with the simple things that count in life,

Let’s watch the snow weaving crochets on the Deodar trees,

The silver mountain tops glistening and sparkling with pride,

Hold my hand and I’ll guide you towards the valley that blossoms with wildflowers,

that are more exotic than the best orchids you’ve seen in the flower shops.

Come, let’s build a wooded haven together away from the city life,

So we can connect to our roots, our hills, and Mother Earth,

which will beautifully conceal us when we will close our eyelids forever.

Will you join me in my dream? or you still want to live a mediocre life,

because this time I’ll burn bright to make my dream come alive.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste


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I am a soulful woman who loves to conjure up my thoughts and write. I thoroughly enjoy creating art and expressing myself through words. I believe words have a certain kind of melody that can be understood by everybody.