Heading Back to the Mountains- Nature Poetry

Heading back to the mountains,Nature Poem, Poem on Hills

“When the roads become isolated, and the green starts painting the mountains. When suddenly, the clatter transforms into melodious silence, you know you are heading back to the mountains. When the kids with apple-blush cheeks, wave you from the distant hills, and industrious women pass by, with heavy anklets jingling on their feet, You start … Read more

When a Person Leaves- Poem on Heartbreak & Separation

When a Person Leaves- Poem on Heartbreak & Separation

“When a person leaves, he takes away a lot of secrets, You’ll never come to know if he missed you, when you disconnected the call. You’ll never get the answers to the questions he skipped, when you were drinking the nectar from his eyes. He will never tell you whether he liked you, loved you, … Read more

A Wooded Haven of my Dreams- Poem on Life & Dreams

A Wooded Haven of my Dreams- Poem on Life and Dreams

Since childhood, I had a heartfelt connection with nature and its bounty. Although I didn’t realise it when I was growing up, later the picture became clear. When we were little, we had a painting in our room, which had a scenic view of a tiny wooden house, with a velvety garden and a gurgling … Read more

Gloomy Days- Nature Poetry

Gloomy Days- Poem on Cloudy Days, Nature Poetry

She always enjoyed going for walks on cloudy days. But during this time of the year, she wasn’t feeling her best. Since she was blossoming from a girl to a lady, and the world around her was changing rapidly. Responsibilities, heartaches, career, passion, and laziness were swirling around her creating a whirlpool of thoughts. Now … Read more