Room for Two- Poem on Love and Romance

She was a literature lover and fan of Virginia Woolf's work. He was a doctor but not of hearts. Quite…

8 months ago

To the Dreamer in Everybody

When I was a little girl, I reminded myself not to keep dreams in those starry eyes, especially in broad…

1 year ago

Under the Molten Moonlight

"She took the flight of stairs, Heaved as she set her foot on the terrace, The sighs seemed to be…

9 months ago

In the Woods- Tiny Tale

She saw him faint away in the tranquil woods. He hid behind the tree to grasp one last sight of…

1 year ago

The Wolf Father- Story on an unlikely Father-Son Relationship

The father-son duo never spoke to each other, especially about their personal lives. If someone would ask why? The wolf…

1 year ago

Silence- Tiny Tale

Slowly decaying and dying inside a young body. He finally understood that-- silence is somebody's funeral.

1 year ago

The Girl who bled Words- Tiny Tale

He never saw her crying except when he hugged her. On a solemn day, when they were frolicking together. He…

1 year ago

Letters to Nowhere- Story of an Old Man’s reunion with his Family

The old withered eyes of Tim Collins had an unusual charm today. Unlike other days, today they didn’t appear dull…

1 year ago

The Man with the Saddest Eyes- Mystery Man Story

Chapter I Although I am good at remembering faces. But sometimes I do get confused with the faces of elderly…

8 months ago

The Lonely Child- A little Girl’s first Step into the real World

She was tilling the field when her little sunshine came running towards her like a thunderstorm. Happy to have an…

1 year ago