Paragliding Dogs: Extreme Sports with Pets is another form of Circus


People are the best show in this world and you don’t even pay for the ticket. These lines resonate in my ears, as I witness the glory of this world. How people are going crazy for likes, comments, and shares just to become famous for a while. Even if it’s for a few minutes of … Read more

The Story of ‘अस्तित्व’ Astitva ‘Existence’: The Truth about Art & Artists

The Story of 'अस्तित्व' Astitva 'Existence': The Truth about Art & Artists

At age 80, my uncle was completing one of his most awaited paintings, which was about to showcase in the country’s biggest exhibition. My uncle is a native to the mystic hills of Uttarakhand and loves listening to Pahadi folk music. Some of his favourites are Laman– a genre of music which elucidates the feelings … Read more

Room for Two- Poem on Love and Romance

Room for Two-Poem on Room, Story on Room

She was a literature lover and fan of Virginia Woolf’s work. He was a doctor but not of hearts. Quite practical by nature, as assumed by others. Someone who would pick to be left alone with books on philosophy, quantum physics, and evolutionary history, rather than being surrounded by humans and their folly. She wondered … Read more

To the Dreamer in Everybody

To the Dreamer in Everybody, Dream Poem

When I was a little girl, I reminded myself not to keep dreams in those starry eyes, especially in broad daylight. To support this idea, I had various notions that I made up in my mind. The fearful child in me believed– big people, rich people, outspoken and confident people have dreams bigger than life. … Read more

Under the Molten Moonlight 

Under the Molten Moonlight Love Poem, Love Story, Lonely Night Poem

“She took the flight of stairs, Heaved as she set her foot on the terrace, The sighs seemed to be suppressed by the shimmering city lights, She thought, being in your 20s can sometimes feel old, Because you were never too young, Not even as a child. But this molten moonlight made her skin glow, … Read more

The Wolf Father- Story on an unlikely Father-Son Relationship

The Wolf Father- Story on Father Son Relationship

The father-son duo never spoke to each other, especially about their personal lives. If someone would ask why? The wolf father would warmly reply, ‘Sir, such was the parenting of our time.’ Fathers remained some sort of creatures, who were aggressive and sometimes misunderstood. As there were always some unresolved-underlying reasons behind actions, which were … Read more

The Girl who bled Words- Tiny Tale

The Girl who bled Words- Tiny Tale

He never saw her crying except when he hugged her. On a solemn day, when they were frolicking together. He mustered up the courage to ask his insanely mad yet beautiful woman. ‘I never see you cry, do you?’ The girl who was soaking the warmth of the sun, etching something in her old diary, … Read more