My favourite Cloud

My favourite Cloud, Short story on Clouds, Poem on Clouds, Love Poem

Lying on the soft velveteen grass, I as usual in my pensive state thought of you. Not deciding to fan my thoughts in a particular direction. I arrived at a junction, where I could feel the bliss of a warm connection. As I lay on the well-combed grass, I could feel the tiny droplets of … Read more

10 Funny Things Girls know about their Brothers

10 Things Girls who have Brothers know too Well

Brothers are insane, they are like an atom bomb which can tick anytime. They make you go crazy; they make you go mad. But they are your best secret keeper and your personal bodyguard. It’s hard to live with them and even harder to think of separating. So here’s a small dedication to our beloved … Read more

10 Things Men want from Women but are too Stubborn to Ask for

Things Men want from Women

10 Things Men want from Women but are too Stubborn to Ask for: You may think that a man’s mind isn’t that complex in comparison with your own. But sometimes we experience those strange things you women call “emotions,” too. Yep, it’s true. So here are very plain and simple (kinda like our minds) 10 … Read more

Chocolates, Ice-creams & Kinship- Tiny Tale on Love

Chocolates, Ice-creams & Kinship- Tiny Tale on Love, Love Quotes

“He asked her, what did she like the most, chocolates or ice-creams? The girl instantaneously replied, ‘I love moments.’ Though in destitute of time, he quickly replied, ‘Okay! We will have moments.’ And it brought tears in her eyes. A kinship between two strangers was born that day.“ You may also like: 10 Best Charles … Read more

When a Person Leaves- Poem on Heartbreak & Separation

When a Person Leaves- Poem on Heartbreak & Separation

“When a person leaves, he takes away a lot of secrets, You’ll never come to know if he missed you, when you disconnected the call. You’ll never get the answers to the questions he skipped, when you were drinking the nectar from his eyes. He will never tell you whether he liked you, loved you, … Read more

The Golden rules for balancing Relationship with Studies

Balance Relationship with Studies

Being in a relationship is the most wonderful experience one can ever have. Every relationship grows with time and devoting time is not that easy. We all are often busy in our own lives and it becomes a bit difficult to take a phone call or text when you are amidst something really important like … Read more