Gloomy Days- Nature Poetry

Gloomy Days- Poem on Cloudy Days, Nature Poetry

She always enjoyed going for walks on cloudy days. But during this time of the year, she wasn’t feeling her best. Since she was blossoming from a girl to a lady, and the world around her was changing rapidly. Responsibilities, heartaches, career, passion, and laziness were swirling around her creating a whirlpool of thoughts. Now … Read more

The Golden rules for balancing Relationship with Studies

Balance Relationship with Studies

Being in a relationship is the most wonderful experience one can ever have. Every relationship grows with time and devoting time is not that easy. We all are often busy in our own lives and it becomes a bit difficult to take a phone call or text when you are amidst something really important like … Read more

Strong like the Mountains- Poem on Women and their Strength

Strong like the Mountains- Poem on Women & Strength of Himalayan Women

“I saw a Himalayan woman with glitter in her eyes, catching her breath, when she was traversing through the valley, carrying the fodder on her back,The shimmering locks framed her face, as she pierced through the tall grass and went away.Off I went to search for her smile, which was missing from the day she … Read more