7 Big Benefits of having Small Adventures

The Big Benefits of having Small Adventures

From the last two years, at the end of December, I have been embarking on adrenaline rewarding Dehradun to Mussoorie trek. Since, I have been a brisk walker all my life. Have never possessed a personal vehicle for commute, and have relied on public transport or on my legs to take me to places.

Therefore, today I am in good shape, I can go miles on foot without heaving and panting. Have explored some of the remotest areas of Doon without spending a penny on commute, and have mapped the length and breadth of Doon on foot.

Although, I have left some of my favourite hobbies due to lack of time and others by fate. But my love for walking has remained unchanged and it never fails to surprise me with small adventures.

Those who Believe in the Magic of Small Adventures get to taste Big Wonders:

Sometimes, I feel the universe also favours me in mysterious ways, as my small circle of friends are also walking wanderers. Who would anytime love to stroll on a leisure day, than pass the day binge-watching shows on Netflix or in gossips.

So, whenever we get time from our hectic schedules. We always try to go for long fanatical walks to the deeper woods of Khalanga or Maldevta.

During one of these pleasant walks, my lone walking companion asked me, whether I am comfortable in going on a one-day trek from Doon to Mussoorie. Since, he was wishing for a positive reply, he told me that I have good stamina and I could beat him.

Although, I wasn’t flattered, as I knew I would be able to complete that trek. The reason being that, I am into the practise of daily walking since childhood and have also successfully covered Dayara Bugyal trek, the memories of which, even to this day are tucked safely in my heart.

So without thinking twice, I nodded and he too responded with a smile. I had butterflies in my stomach, and was glad that I was embarking on a small adventure.

You’d think, that after this, I would have gone straight to my home and packed my trekking gears, and kept all the necessary food supply for energy.

But no! I made merry, stuffed myself with food and slept. Woke up the next day at 5 am, after the phone buzzed thrice near my ears. I splashed water on my face, kept a bottle of water, and wore whatever I had kept in the front row of my almirah.

When I went on that trek, I realised why it’s important to go on small adventures every once in a while.

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The Big benefits of having Small Adventures:

1. You get a Break from your Dull and Monotonous Life:

Sorry to write for all, but it won’t be wrong to say that most of us have dull and boring schedules. Since we barely get time to rejuvenate as we are busy earning bread and butter for us.

So having a small adventure comes as a blessing. When, I went on that trek not only I felt good but it was a stress buster for me.

“There is a lot of adventures out there, waiting for us to live them!”

2. You make Friends along the Way:

Unplanned, accidental small adventures are always the best. The reason being, that they come as a breath of fresh air and surprise us with small adventures.

When you hit the road, you get to meet many new people along the way. Some offer help, others come as inquisitive passers-by who wish to know about your travel journey, and a few among them become your blossom buddies for the rest of your lives.

3. You Escape the Ordinary:

With adulthood, comes great responsibilities and that’s why we need to have and stick to our routines. Though, having a routine can be boring, but it ensures that you make the best use of your time, and accomplish your daily tasks.

I personally believe, that sometimes, we must pat on our back and appreciate ourselves for doing hard labour. And one of the best ways to reward yourself is to go on small adventures. Why?

Sleeping dogs in the way

Because it not only helps to escape the ordinary but also open the doors to a new and exciting world of adventure. You can explore new places, conquer the rigid mountain trails, that offers an adrenaline rush. This little flux of dopamine is good for your mind and body, as it gives you the rewarding feeling of achieving something new in life.

So next time you question yourself, “What good will happen if I take a break and go on a vacation?” then recall this quote….

“Don’t travel just to see. Travel to try, listen, feel, taste. That way there won’t be any place you cannot find beauty.”

4. You Scrub off the Negativity with Gratitude:

We live in an age, where we are bombarded with negativity. As there are several stressors in our life, that takes a toll on our mental health.

Moreover, we are greatly influenced by negative news that we hear, people that we meet who give away bad vibes, and even negative thoughts that rots our mind with their dull nature.

Therefore, going on small adventures allows us to scrub off the negativity from our mind. As, we traverse through the hills and valleys; ounce by ounce, negativity seems to leave our minds. And instead of it, newly born positive thoughts make room in our mind.

You can feel the rivulet of gratitude touching every inch of your body and mind. You start feeling gracious for having born in this beautiful world.

When this realisation hits you, you feel grateful for being able to touch, smell and feel the beauty of the fragrant flowers, that stream across the riverside, welcoming you with its beauty.

You thank the universe for blessing you with such great friends, who insisted you to come along even when you didn’t wish to leave your snuggly bed. When you think about it, you realize how badly you would have missed this.

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5. You Soothe your Eyes with Nature’s Beauty:

It’s important to wash the dirt from your eyes every now and then by treating them with the ethereal beauty of nature.

When you are constantly indoors, you are devoid of pleasant view, that can only be appreciated when you are under the open sky. Even going for a small walk can have a positive impact on your brain.

According to a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, nature gazing can improve your level of happiness, connectedness and overall well being.

An abandoned house

It not only elevates our mental well-being but also our performance by bringing a change in the mental patterns that we rely on. Other benefits include reduce stress, better cognitive performance and longevity. So hit outdoors and go on small adventures to savour the heavenly beauty around.

A couple of years back, when I realized the importance of daily physical activity in nature. I learnt that nature walks are my thing, as every bend and curve on the jagged mountainous road opens up to a kaleidoscopic mountain view. Which motivates me to go further and create a new benchmark.

It relaxes the mind, gives joy and fills the mind with gratitude. Thereby, exciting me to come again into the lap of nature to treat my hollowed eyes and mind with nature therapy.

6. You Learn Lessons from Unexpected sources:

Sometimes small adventures teach you the biggest lessons in life. During one such small adventures, I got to learn an important lesson in life.

Story Time:

When I went on Dehradun-Mussoorie trek for the first time, I met a small Pahadi boy who was wearing dirty and dusty clothes. It was the peak of winters and the little boy was about to set up his tea stall.

Since, we were exhausted after continuously walking for four hours on the zig-zag mountainous road. So we decided to make ourselves comfortable on the bench.

Next to us, was a small Pahadi boy whose cheeks were as dry as the Great Indian desert. His both hands were busy, since he was carrying milk bottles in one hand and used another hand to push the baby stroller in which his little pup was sleeping.

He pulled over the stroller near the footpath, and with his tiny yet sturdy hands he struggled to set up his shop. My friends and I saw him and offered help.

He was touched by our kind gesture and started talking to us about his little pup, and how he feeds him fresh food and milk. He was happily telling us about his business and how much profit he makes during the evenings. As many tourists huddle to have tea and biscuits at his shop.

The Big Benefits of having Small Adventures Mussoorie View

I was so happy to meet him and kept him in my memory. During the entire trek, I was feeling grateful, that I got the opportunity to meet that little boy and got to learn so much from him.

He was bubbling with energy and didn’t care the responsibilities he was handling at an age, where he should play. He had the intellect of a mature man and his body language was that of a grown up person. Fending for himself at a small age and being on the streets had made him mature early.

The little kid taught me many lessons and the most important being— to be happy even in adverse conditions and to think positively in every situation.

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As fate would have it, during my next Mussorie to Dehradun trek. I met that little boy again in the busiest street of Mussoorie. None of my friends recognized him but it took no time for me to reckon him. I told my friends look he is there at the shop. I waved my hand and he responded back.

We went to meet him, he grew a bit taller and a little shy too. He said, “So you are here again!” he still refused to believed we came on foot from Doon to Mussoorie.

The Big Benefits of having Small Adventures Flowers in the trek

We enquired him, why he wasn’t at his shop. He told us that there is a ceremonial function going on at the main chowk of Mussoorie. So he was buying items for worship. When he became comfortable around us, he told us that he bought a scooter from his earnings.

I was so happy to hear about his progress. We all congratulated him, I could see his cheeks blush as he hid his emotions. Since, he was getting late for the ceremony, he bade us goodbye and we all departed with sweet memories.

I told my friends that what a lucky day it was since we got the opportunity to go on this small adventure and met our little friend, who always teaches us important life lessons.

7. You eventually learn to trust the magic of small adventures:

When you go on small adventures and chase your curiosity. You learn to trust the magic of small adventures. Since, you get to see something new and exciting at every nook and cranny of the mountain.

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.”
— Lovelle Drachman

So take a leap of faith and trust the magic of small adventures.

Let thy spirit be high in love, Namaste!

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